What We Weren't Taught About Washington, D.C.

obbyists are an informal way for the public to control the government. Mediated, they are a good thing; it's another link between every individual having their own nebulous opinion and a government that has to take one action at a time. Unfortunately, weak political leaders and an election system that is built on simple exposure and popularity means that political leaders act beholden to the interest groups that get them elected by giving them money and advocating for them. Lobbyists are now nothing more than mouthpieces for those special interest groups: while the groups themselves affect public opinion (in order to favor ideals that will benefit the groups) the lobbyists go to politicians and essentially threaten their reelection campaigns. It's a vicious cycle, and it's easily broken by electing leaders that aren't weak pancakes. It's also our job to actually research candidates and issues on our own so we aren't forced to choose between the two most popular vampires of the year. Another thing that has to be solved is the weakness of state governments and politicians. State leaders are very aware that barely anyone pays attention to them and all they need is name recognition. There is no incentive for them to pressure federal representatives to slant on certain issues because that's a risk they don't need to take. No one understands how the state and federal governments interact well enough to know who is accountable for what.

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