Friday, December 29, 2017

The Secrets of QAnon’s War with the Deep State Pedophiles Exposed

"Pamphlet Anon" and "Baruch the Scribe" join Rob Dew to discuss highly secretive intelligence operative "QAnon's" 8chan posts about the Deep State elite. 

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  1. Wakeup forget any elites a bitcoin system cannot function, honesty is essential for bitcoin to function. The problem is that minds are not ready for bitcoin, as it automatically becomes, corrupted and speculative, there is no difference between the FED sending some digital money to the EU central bank or any individual bank than the Bitcoin allocation. The system needs to evolve before any bitcoin gets anywhere. And the system is on your concept mind, evolve the mind and you shall be free. Forget deep state elites and illuminates just understand and you shall see how reality really is besides fake news on fake news. All you need is minds to evolve. Evolve you minds and the picture will become clear until them is just a deep fog on your mind.

  2. there is no deep state what there is deep hallucinations and alex jones fake news on fake news, targeting an illusion will get you lot nowhere illusions are not material are fake news on fake news alex jones style simple same as CNN, evolve your own mind and see for yourself forget alternative media only 10% remains after trump with the help of info wars destroyed the whole apparatus. however is not alex jones fault is just ignorance that has taken over the lot


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