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 NORTH KOREA threats could escalate into nuclear conflict in as little as 12 months, according to a shock warning from a defence expert. North Korea sparked fears of World War 3 after the rogue nation refused to put a stop to its ongoing effort to develop an arsenal of deadly nuclear weapons. US President Donald Trump promised to return fire to any aggression from the hermit state’s despot leader Kim Jong-un. This has led to predictions from a range of experts, suggesting a third world war is potentially on the horizon. Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, suggested that date could be within a year. North Korea should prepare for a full-out response from the United States should it continue threatening its neighbours with World War 3. Mr McMaster, who serves as President Trump's National Security Advisor, said the US was ready to respond to North Korea's aggressive rhetoric with "all capabilities available." He said: "What the President has done is clarified in all of his discussion and statements on North Korea, our determination to ensure that North Korea is unable to threaten our allies and our partners and certainly not the United States.

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