Next 911 is coming

It is only AFTER the fake alien invasion occurs that will cause people to become frightened that the people will give up their freedoms to be protected by the government. At that point in time, on all black mirrors (TVs, Computers Cell phones etc.) the face of the man of Sin, the Son of Perdition will appear. He will be extremely handsome and charismatic; almost supernatural in appearance. He will urge everyone to give up their national sovereignty for global sovereignty and no one will fight him. How do I know he will be extremely handsome? It is because Satan mimics all that Jesus does but turns it upside down. (Psalm 149:6). We learn in Isaiah 53 that Jesus was not comely in body or face because He wanted people to love Him for who He was; not for His looks. The extremely handsome man of Sin will be so handsome that it will pull people to him. I have been contending for a long time now that none of those scoundrels in government will ever be charged, indicted or jailed. A catastrophic event will happen to put a halt to everything. That's when the fake alien invasion will occur. They will come to 'save' us and will, without doubt, claim that it was they who created man. Don't buy into the lies. Read and study God's Word each and every day. When Jesus was tempted by Satan three times Jesus merely stated "it is written". We too will be tempted and Satan and his fallen angels will pervert God's Word to use against us. If we don't know the scriptures well, we may be in trouble.

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