Donald Trump gone Bing Bing Bing !!

21 Things That Trump Says Make A “Bing” Sound

 President Donald Trump has a way with words — just ask him. During his campaign, Trump famously stated that he had “the best words.” And there are a few he likes to use a lot, like the onomatopoeic “bing.”

Trump has used the sound to describe myriad things: puppets, playing cards, shooting guns, tweeting, malfunctioning rocket ships, and at least 16 other people, activities, and things. In some cases, however, the former reality-TV star can’t settle for a single “bing.” Trump often uses two or three bings in a row, for added effect. Heck he once issued eight consecutive bings to describe the “little mouth” on his then-rival Marco Rubio.

Watch the above video for a semi-comprehensive list of things that go “bing,” according to Donald Trump.

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