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Aliens. You've Been Lied To For Over 500 Years. All Truth About Aliens!

imagine,that we're those aliens for some other live forms too..Like we live in the universe where we think is everything so big,so endless,just infinite things for our mind,all the science and shit..but we're only child in some kind of form.You know like,in schools there is always different groups,social groups that communicate with only their participants,like nerds with nerds,hipsters with hipsters,punks with punks and so on.. So i'm having thought that we humans are just one of a lot of races(-it's the best word i could find since we lack of new language added to our life,so there is less knowledge,because our all knowledge comes from knowing words,in which we can think),who has clue about other live forms,but it's too hard to imagine.But there a lot life forms like us,doing simple things and expecting that other races,aliens must be more advanced then we're.So the whole universe is filled with those "smart" clowns, - people like us,even us,who has the same thoughts over and over again.So all live forms from the whole universe,intelligent ones, are just like us,thinking about bigger things,but not achieving them(i don't find bigger things like science as an achievement,since it's common thing for the intelligent life form to accomplish(like cars/planes/computers)),and we're all living life like it's something bigger,but it's just a play,simple life,and we gotta enjoy it,instead of trying to understand something,just try to feel it,any kind of moment,even if it seems to you like ehhh,it's simple things,waste of time,i have better things to do,but it's not true..Live life and don't make illusions that you're one of smarter people,which has a task to achieve something more then they did now.We all have that same feeling inside us,since it's our basic human race purpose,of course it's progress,but i'm talking about true meaning,which is always there,but we don't want to believe it,it's always in front of our eyes,it's about living life it's,emotions,feelings..

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