Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Poverty in America Documentary 2017

Welcome to the good old USA , and in 2017 nothing has changed

72% of Black children are born to UNWED mothers. When a mother has a child out of wedlock, she has an 80% chance of being in poverty for the rest of her life!! Who Killed the American Family(Phyllis Schaffly). I wish my culture would wake up and see that we control our own destiny through our decision making. Who you sleep with MATTERS!! Who you sleep with has LIFE LONG IMPLICATIONS!! Yes, I understand racism exists in America--it always will, but it CANNOT trump illegitimacy!! Racism cannot trump a man leaving his woman & his kids to fend for themselves. Racism cannot trump a man running from his responsibilities. Racism cannot trump the weakest link called one parent families. Someone has to tell the truth. Look in YOUR COMMUNITY at the married black women with kids vs the unmarried black women with kids. Seven percent(7%) of black married couples lives in poverty. And here's one more: Marriage drops the odds of being poor by over 80 percent. see http://www.lifezette.com/momzette/black-boy-life-mattered-was-too-young-to-die/ WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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