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This Creepy Patent Proves They Can Remotely Hijack Your Nervous System

 There's a reason they call it television "programming".

 Chemtrails Bukakke delivery of the nano particles receptors. cell phone towers activate.& shazam-allakazam chimpanzee fruit salad. then your monkey asses will never figure out Goldman Sachs & the Jew World Order with made up War on Terror are smoke and mirrors while you get your RADIATION TREATMENT AT AIRPORT Along with your Vaccines . Distraction of Culture Issue groups (riots) False flags., Shock Value dumb down TV & . boom slaves there you go. ADHD & LOW AMBITIONS = hopelessness and throw in the towel.. Hello FEMA (~_*) shopping online definitely will speed this up .. No Jobs? DARPA creating robot cops and IRPA CIA .. Guys even Government people Wake Up .. The 1% will be having cocktails and teenagers while we're at each others throats .. CHAOS... you cant work at the Government forever.. Its been Infiltrated and we need new blood ! Criminally insane must go !

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