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Robert David Steele on The Hagmann Report - Updated 6/7/17

Robert David Steele, former spy recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, remains a committed supporter of our legitimately-elected President Donald Trump. Recently he joined with Cynthia McKinney to create We the People Unity for Integrity, a movement that seeks to unite Alt Right with Alt Left and everyone in between to destroy our common enemy -- the Deep State -- with one demand of Congress, an Election Reform Act of 2017. Senator Rand Paul has been asked to introduce the legislation before the summer recess. Their manifesto, #UNRIG: Beyond Trump & Sanders, is free online and also an Amazon best seller at 99 cents. Tonight's show will begin with a discussion of this new initiative, followed by a discussion of current White House problems and positions, and conclude in the final segment with Robert answering questions from our viewers.

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