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Planet X...Nibiru...whatever name you wish to call this planet...was initially discovered in 1936. The scientific community has known about this planet and its elongated orbit since at least that time. But, of course, when too much information was getting out to the public, the government put a cap on it, shutting it down in the late 1980's so we'd stay in the dark. This is fact, not fiction. Just Google "1936 discovery of Planet X" or some similar phrase. If you do the homework, you're going to find that our government has been....drum roll, please....LYING to us. I know. It's no surprise. We are constantly being lied to so why not now, too. BTW, my husband looked up at the Sun for a second or two yesterday during the late morning...and when he then looked away and closed his eyes, in front of his eyes were TWO "dots": one large "dot" being the Sun as well as one smaller "dot" being next to it. Now, even as kids, most of us have looked up at the Sun for a second or more, and then came away with a greenish "dot" in our vision when we closed our eyes. Just like what a person would see when having his picture taken with a flashbulb. NEVER have we ever seen TWO greenish "dots" at the same time. Oh, sure, we could look back up at the Sun a second time and then close our eyes again but the two "dots" would not be the same intensity because the first "dot" would already be starting to fade away. TWO "dots" means there is something up there besides our Sun...and it's quite large!

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