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Trump's Secret Plan For America & Why The Deep State Is Trying To Stop It:Harley Schlanger

presidents are selected not elected
Trump, was SELECTED...because, he is a member, of the most ruthless, terrorist organization, known to mankind....zionism.

why did BOTH Obama and Trump fire Flynn the two time loser who got paid by Russia and Turkey? explain that in a way that makes sense. Trump was so sick of Obama's deep state he hired some of them on?

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  1. Trump Brexit fantasies / ignorance meets insanity, the Saudi realm // Washington will you ever become a civilize nation/ Stephen hawking claim earth only years 100 years; to evolve, get the hint President trump is directed to Washington morons and the outdated CIA. congress republic. //
    this is like left hand echoes like the right hand no difference than 1963 & the Vietnam war, in fact nothing has taken place just anew face which is the same as the old face, meaning lost a as blind man on a foggy night.