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MIKE MALONEY - The Next Economic Crash Is Going To Be A Horrific

A few things are different now than in 2008. Boomers now have mandatory withdraws from the market. In 2008 many had mortgages they discharged in bankruptcy, now over a trillion in student loans which will not be discharged ever. Inflation is higher, it costs a lot more to eat and pay the bills than it did in 2008. Salaries were flat over the past 9 years. We have Obamacare now which drags down growth and is taking all discretionary income. The market is heavily manipulated, earnings beat the estimate last week?? Come on, anyone who believes the fake financial news deserves what they get. How can companies beat earnings when job growth is anemic, retail is closing more stores now than in 2008, GDP is anemic, car inventory is higher than in 2008. It will be a surprise to many when it falls but those paying attention will know exactly why things are happening.

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