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A Response to Pope Francis’ Attack on “Invading” Libertarians

These organizations seek to subvert your own judgement using ritual and pomp. You're supposed to be a good catholic and accept everything this random character we call "pope" says. Just like how the muslims are told that murder and mayhem are ethical and moral. These organizations do nothing other than enable weak minded people to do the things they otherwise wouldn't. I'm pretty sure God doesn't need you to build fancy buildings to eat crackers and wine in. Neither does He need anyone with fancy hats dictating to a bunch of followers what this week's version of morality is. At the end of the day it was still your choice to accept whatever version of morality these idiots prescribe. May I suggest that you'd be better off using your own critical thinking and discernment rather than being a follower? Organizations are always subject to infiltration, while the individual is not.

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