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Who Is Really Running the White House?

It seems if you look at all the puzzle pieces ~things we didn't know before voting ~ like the full extent of Soros monetary intrusion into the Trump dynasty (loans to Trump's ventures, Jared Kushner ventures and Jared's purchase of the 40 or 41 foot tall bldg @ 666 5th Avenue in NYC, which he considered a prize possession, who but evil would think that ~ Ivanka's close friendship with Chelsea and on and on ~ who would have voted for Trump, most savvy never Hillary voters would not have, BUT there was no one else to take a chance on ~ they were ALL World disOrder puppets... I think he is too. He will keep up the charade because who wouldn't want the Potus title. We know he betrayed America from the get go when he chose Pence as VP, when he told voters to back the re-elections of Ryan, McCain and other sellouts (until then they were losing, because the people didn't like them) .

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