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Webster Tarpley : Fake News Propagandists leading the World towards WW3

Webster Tarpley Latest 14/April/2017

 Orchestrated Wag the Dog Tensions Stoke Threat of War by Miscalculation in Northeast Asia and Middle East; Need Direct Bilateral Negotiations and Robust ABM Systems for War Avoidance with North Korea.
London Guardian Asserts Contacts Between Trump Campaign and Kremlin Assets Were Surveilled in 2015-16 by British GCHQ, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Netherlands, France, and Australia; Reports “Specific, Concrete, and Corroborative Evidence of Collusion” Discovered; Major Clash Looms Over Trump Assault on Obamacare Subsidies in Context of April 28 Budget Authority Deadline; At Eastertide, a Survey of 600 Known Versions of the Stabat Mater; Recalling Historian Frederick L. Schuman of Williams College and His Europe on the Eve (1939), Alleging a Pre-Munich Plot.

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