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Warning to humanity PART 2: DO NOT BE DECEIVED

The New World Order will commence with many grand deceptions to bring in their one world religion. Do not be deceived. Many false prophets will come into the public eye as time goes on.

greetings world we are a non DK our 1:34 first message to humanity we discussed 1:36 the way the leds are converting the love 1:38 of animals turning it into worship and 1:41 sex believing other species are on a 1:44 higher more sacred level than ourselves 1:47 this is a lie one which most already 1:50 believe even if they hide behind the 1:53 excuse of simply being a disney fan 1:55 reality has always been worshipped in 1:59 there newbies just like witchcraft now 2:02 we see it an advertisement commercials 2:05 bombs we are brainwashed since we 2:09 covered that side of the deception which 2:11 they will use in the New World Order's 2:13 religion we will continue with the rest 2:16 of it now this is a very massive 2:19 deception no video that is under two 2:21 hours would be able to distant every 2:23 detail in a fully understandable way so 2:26 we will do our best here to give the 2:29 general awareness to warn you so you 2:32 will not get deceived and can point you 2:34 in the direction of truth 2:36 see the links in the description for 2:38 more details and info now we understand 2:42 all is the Syrian agenda to create the 2:44 one world religion have everyone was 2:47 blinded in relief to keep them from the 2:50 truth to make humans interior and 2:53 needless they want us all dead 2:55 that is the ultimate goal of everything 2:58 they do this is no different as those 3:01 with more restrictions on a secure line 3:03 from the truth the more of us will stand 3:06 up against the reef and as realize 3:09 things we will not write together as one 3:11 humanity we will be slaughtered 3:13 one-by-one humanity would rise as one 3:16 and realize once and for all that 3:19 countries were made by the elite to 3:21 separate and divide out laws were made 3:24 by the le to divide us and control of 3:26 religion was made to divide and control 3:29 us 3:30 it is all a massive lion deception we 3:33 are one we are the human race and our 3:36 lives matter we are the caretakers of 3:39 the planet they will now try to make us 3:42 believe that aliens will come now for 3:44 those who do not believe in aliens 3:47 you better wake up for those who know 3:50 about aliens 3:51 we hope you know the truth about them 3:53 and not what the media news movies and 3:57 most websites tell about them all of 4:00 that is run by the elite and nothing but 4:02 this information lies aliens are real 4:06 always have been around and many have 4:09 always been right here on earth with us 4:11 just like everything else 4:15 before it was nothin legend it was 4:17 reality think about this for a moment 4:20 why would Ellie want to keep it also 4:23 hidden well it would be far too easy for 4:26 us to see the truth they would be too 4:29 easy to spot back 5,000 years or so ago 4:33 the aliens which live among us today 4:35 we're living in our society with us and 4:38 as well however they are evil 4:41 they are not here for our good only our 4:44 destruction they hate us on a deeper 4:47 level than most of us can understand we 4:49 are released to them which is why they 4:52 want to replace us with robots that we 4:55 design and make was they kill us off 4:58 with air depopulation tactics they will 5:00 have slaves their gift from us they left 5:04 without everyday you not get the elite 5:07 of the rock one day and decided to make 5:10 us all slaves to it we allowed them to 5:12 enslave us with money they are deceivers 5:15 and we continue to allow them proving to 5:19 them how foolish we can be they laugh 5:21 and they made us really are the pawns of 5:25 the aliens and has always worked to 5:27 bring in the One World Order they have 5:30 succeeded on a smaller scale many times 5:33 roam the Ottoman Empire and all the rest 5:36 every time they have been destroyed 5:39 entirely when they have corrupted every 5:41 level of society it cannot survive and 5:45 collapses just as America and Europe are 5:48 starting to do now do the brainwashing 5:50 censorship laws society is not having a 5:55 world how corrupt they themselves are 5:57 because of the evil laws and government 5:59 they support the people are trained from 6:02 birth that the government is there for 6:03 them when all the government wants to do 6:06 is kill you because the government is 6:09 run and owned by the le2 are owned by 6:11 the aliens who hate us into 6:13 only want you to tie it take pleasure 6:16 and are destined to them disease that 6:18 you'll slowly with the most amount of 6:20 pain is in our they relish into them 6:23 these things are good to the aliens pain 6:26 fear anger and death negative 6:29 frequencies they are made of frequency 6:32 negative frequency which is slow and 6:35 stable and strong fuels them that is why 6:38 they increase the negative frequencies 6:41 as much as they can the human frequency 6:44 is love if we were on outer from birth 6:47 and live as we are meant to our 6:49 frequencies would be peaceful and 6:51 working but the alien here hate us so 6:55 they do everything through the elite to 6:57 destroy and twist and preserve every 6:59 single thing why do they hate us fucking 7:05 peanut butter and jealous he's not a 7:09 wide yeah it's all over 7:11 what's there to be jealous its hated 7:14 they could we have to do hated because 7:22 when the aliens were created they were 7:24 not given three wheels they were made as 7:27 our help they can create might even do 7:30 nothin on their own they are only 7:32 powerful if humans give their free will 7:34 to them to use the ones who created the 7:37 aliens created them to be other half so 7:41 to speak our personal best friend 7:44 many of us feel an emptiness we cannot 7:46 explain this is because they have 7:49 blinded us from our frequency side are 7:52 sold our spirits making it so hard to 7:55 see the truth the ng no lumber fill 7:59 yourself with truth now there was one 8:01 alien one who was created different than 8:04 all the others much more beautiful and 8:07 inspiring it was filled with the 8:10 radiance of light and the power of music 8:12 it was energy it was frequency it was 8:16 loved deeply by the Creator but the 8:18 alien saw the Creator making humans 8:21 it's called a creator make us in very 8:23 fragile bodies we are very delicate 8:26 species that can break and tears our 8:30 lives and honestly didn't just by losing 8:33 blood where we die on top of that it's 8:36 all the Creator give our species 3 will 8:39 we have choice and this made him jealous 8:42 negative is frequency changed and 8:46 because of that he could not stay in 8:48 space with the others they had a war in 8:51 their world and they exiled in towards 8:54 with those who followed him the aliens 8:56 can shape-shift they can become any form 8:59 human animal or thought anything they 9:04 are frequency like us but not the same 9:07 with us 9:08 that is the alien v elite and the other 9:10 aliens wish to make god of this earth 9:13 the one world ruler its name is Lucifer 9:16 and they call it in its closest kin 9:19 Satan this is who the Luciferian the 9:22 Jesuit elite the Pope of Rome the Queen 9:25 of England the president of America and 9:28 more 9:29 this is a worship and believe is God was 9:35 it possible that the Nazis make contact 9:37 with extraterrestrial beings 9:40 if the Germans have received other 9:43 advanced alien technology 9:46 the Germans were able to develop 9:48 technology so far in advance of the 9:52 Allied technology that people said they 9:56 were helped by extraterrestrials in fact 10:00 the one quote we have was superb over 10:03 dr. over it was in the German rocket 10:05 program 10:06 come on over said quote we were helped 10:09 by people from other worlds in 1970 UFO 10:15 researcher Alan greenfield claims to 10:18 have met rocket expert on broad while 10:21 examining declassified files at 10:23 wright-patterson Air Force Base 10:26 and I said to him how did you develop 10:29 that much technology so fast and he 10:33 looked down the rows of UFO files and he 10:37 said we had help from them from images 10:41 of spacecraft in Christian art two 10:43 unidentified objects overture the 10:46 Vatican has long been associated with 10:48 extraterrestrial phenomena even though 10:51 they have executed believers of alien 10:53 life history we can easily find the 10:57 battles between them and humans if we 11:00 only look outside is what they give us 11:02 to see we must do our own work to find 11:05 what is hidden in the dark 11:07 only the true light not Lucifer not 11:10 frequency but truth only the light of 11:13 truth can destroy them 11:15 that is all it takes because they have 11:18 no power unless we give it to them by 11:21 allowing ourselves to fear as anger hate 11:25 violence negativity fuels them and is 11:29 the one world religion is allowed to 11:31 come about then all who agreed to it 11:33 have given their free will to their 11:35 lives to Lucifer that is the bottom line 11:38 you continue to be lazy 11:40 then you have given yourself freely and 11:42 willingly too loose or do not be 11:45 deceived 11:46 stand and fight humans have time and 11:49 time again through the last thousands of 11:51 years who is enough to defeat the elite 11:53 controlled by the Aryans but they are 11:56 kept hidden from us repeatedly they 11:58 blind us because they've changed names 12:01 reforms we are always dude with the true 12:05 believers in the one who created else 12:07 who has been revealed to us in every 12:10 culture to all of history through 12:12 documents humans compiled in their time 12:15 to try to warn us of what was to come 12:16 just as we speak the truth here do today 12:20 explaining his best weekend with the 12:22 language of our time we are the enemy of 12:25 the elite and Lucifer we given no power 12:28 over us we are free 12:30 Ellie right behind the term free freedom 12:34 three missin 12:36 and so on they hide behind what they can 12:39 never have they have given they gave 12:42 away their free will and the more humans 12:44 who do the same even unknowingly makes 12:48 more human Lucifer and the aliens can 12:50 control and work through to bring in 12:52 their total rule here on earth with the 12:55 technology of the day the alien 12:57 deception will be much more real people 13:00 will be happy to receive them because we 13:02 will not be told by the elite at the 13:05 aliens are demons and evil 13:06 now we have holographs which are used so 13:09 frequently now we hardly tell the 13:12 difference 13:12 our news is created on the stage and our 13:15 images are photoshopped we have no idea 13:18 what is real and as many have said 13:20 before we can only go by prophecy now we 13:24 have numerous Frequency Technology so at 13:27 any time a machine can send a frequency 13:30 to us and make us hear what they want us 13:32 to hear these things feel a certain way 13:35 make us believe on october sir james 13:39 1917 and fatima portugal a mass UFO 13:43 sighting with more than 70,000 witnesses 13:46 took place 13:47 during the event the rain stopped 13:49 someone this is believed that the clouds 13:51 parted and what was described as a 13:53 saucer-shaped craft came down from the 13:55 heavens above towards Earth in 2011 13:59 booty people home on the ivory coast of 14:02 a sauce so our likeness it wasn't just a 14:08 white inside it was designing shape like 14:11 new slide 14:18 and we will do this compelling and it 14:27 changes your life recently identified 14:31 fighting have increased around the world 14:33 Peru Brazil Russia and China all UFO 14:37 hotspot report mass fighting our 14:40 missiles began going into what's called 14:42 a no-go condition or unlaunchable 14:45 essentially they were disabled detailed 14:48 in this report full of court sanctions 14:50 sworn affidavit the witnesses have 14:53 described these craft as disc-shaped or 14:57 cylindrical shape Vatican astronomers 14:59 are involved with project Lucifer using 15:02 a special infrared camera attached to 15:04 the most powerful telescope on earth 15:06 that peers into deep space searching for 15:08 aliens and UFOs when Malachi Martin was 15:11 asked why is the Vatican on Mount Graham 15:14 what are they doing up there he said 15:16 that they're using their telescope to 15:18 watch something and when he was pressed 15:20 on the question he said it's because of 15:22 the highest levels of the Vatican 15:23 governance they know what is approaching 15:26 the earth and it will be of the utmost 15:28 importance in coming years 15:30 they're literally watching something 15:32 with the Lucifer device that is 15:33 approaching planet earth and what I 15:35 wanted two large domes 15:37 roof each house massive telescopes used 15:40 to study the heavens since the nineteen 15:43 thirties the ass for businesses to 15:45 Vatican Observatory has been interested 15:48 in the question of trust your life for 15:50 quite a while a state's quote human 15:53 beings are under the control of a 15:55 strange force that Ben's them in absurd 15:58 ways forcing them to play a role in a 16:00 bizarre game of deception and quote 16:02 later in the same book he states quote 16:05 the UFO phenomenon represent the 16:08 manifestation of a reality that 16:10 transcends our current understanding of 16:12 physics the UFOs are physical 16:15 manifestations that cannot be understood 16:17 apart for their psychic and symbolic 16:19 reality what we see in effect here is 16:22 not an alien invasion 16:23 it is a control system which acts on 16:26 humans and uses humans if you go to 16:29 Disney World for instance sound and the 16:30 Haunted Mansion you see the hologram 16:32 right now you cannot make a hologram 16:34 well our scientists have learned how to 16:37 make people the column synthetics are 16:40 you familiar with those and well 16:42 actually we just interviewed John layer 16:44 and he was talking about being in an 16:45 audience in which they were given a 16:47 lecture by a guy that they thought was 16:49 real and found out later was he was a 16:51 hologram with the synthetic the 16:53 synthetics when you such their skin it 16:55 feels like plastic that's the latest 16:58 technique to the old man the old 17:00 techniques you guys do in a video 17:03 the voice from the village rent because 17:06 in it it gives you the exact way how our 17:09 government then they can see the 17:12 situation just think how easy his task 17:15 in mind might be in these meetings that 17:17 we held if suddenly there was a trip to 17:20 this world from some other species from 17:24 another planet outside in the universe 17:27 we forget all of the local differences 17:30 that we have between our countries and 17:33 we would find out once and for all 17:36 but we really are all human beings here 17:39 on this earth together 17:41 think of how all the differences among 17:43 people on earth would seem small if we 17:45 felt threatened by a space invader 17:47 that's the whole theory of interpreting 17:49 right you're going to get together and 17:51 makes nice and you know actually need 17:54 some outside universal trip to make us 17:58 recognize this common bound I 18:01 occasionally think how quickly our 18:03 differences worldwide would vanish if we 18:07 were facing an alien threat from outside 18:10 this world 18:14 but what if there was some sort of outer 18:15 space crisis an alien invasion sounds 18:18 crazy perhaps the bedroom but we never 18:20 see the stock market swings 5% of say 18:22 all these logs that strange say 18:24 something strange keep getting in 18:27 between the telescope and the star they 18:30 can't figure out what it is the 18:32 vice-president that's the first thing i 18:34 do i go right into those files right 18:36 what was going on right he said that he 18:38 didn't do that 18:39 yes and that he didn't find it very well 18:42 i bet i'm going to do it again for you 18:48 yeah why not right and and you know 18:50 there's a new name 18:52 it's unexplained Ariel 18:56 that the hell I won't let it happen to 18:59 your other sister next session will 19:03 advance is a victim roll over you know 19:06 what happens if we do encounter a 19:08 hostile advanced civilization is face 19:11 and Hollywood if it all falls hollywood 19:14 filled 19:18 only we had a secret lovers we can just 19:20 be 19:20 alien one great power will be alerted us 19:25 of an alien invasion 19:27 then we will know it would again they 19:29 will use all the technology they haven't 19:32 many will be deceived 19:33 it has all be told and written down for 19:36 you before but did you ever actually 19:38 listen or did you laugh it off as a rent 19:41 of an old crazy man order have you 19:44 figure because they were alive so long 19:47 ago there could be nothing relevant to 19:50 learn from them or perhaps more 19:52 foolishly you simply believe the 19:54 mainstream lives even still about 19:58 something 19:59 how the crowd will solve to see the 20:02 truth 20:03 it takes great humility and patience and 20:06 strength before we leave you with these 20:08 thoughts 20:09 one final note many wake up to a certain 20:12 point only to be blinded from the 20:14 complete truth the final deception in 20:17 the way of truth can be the hardest to 20:19 understand yet this is how deception 20:22 work the elite have created every 20:24 religion 20:25 this is true most very foolishly assumed 20:28 that Jesus was a prophet in that 20:30 Christianity is a religion even many 20:33 Christians this is the great deception 20:36 that this what nose never even looking 20:39 to people simply make their solution 20:42 narrow-minded judgment without ever 20:44 finding the truth whether they like what 20:46 it is or not clearly waking up does not 20:49 make us any smarter or wider so we will 20:52 hold to correct yet another deception of 20:55 the elite during his life Jesus went to 20:58 government places marketplaces and 21:01 religious places 21:02 he frequented these places because the 21:05 elite did Ellie control them they were 21:08 the Pharisees of that time the 21:10 Luciferian exactly what his life was 21:15 spent pointing them out as we do here 21:17 telling the world about the truth of 21:20 what they are as we do here and he went 21:23 one step further in this is he 21:25 physically destroyed their places of 21:27 control he destroyed the markets into 21:30 their currency on the ground because the 21:33 LED used at all to take the money from 21:35 people raising prices instead of feeding 21:38 their hungry citizens that is why he 21:41 said to give to Caesar what is he who 21:44 enslaves humans by casting his face in 21:46 gold 21:47 he was against religion churches are 21:50 organizations which are corrupted by the 21:52 elite they were that time as well that 21:55 is why he did not meet people in a 21:57 building because he was not talk out he 22:00 was not only that he still to anyone for 22:03 free he felt the people and fields and 22:06 on beaches because the earth is our home 22:09 we have no need four divisions we are 22:12 all at peace with this earth the 22:14 corruption was complete in society at 22:17 that time exactly the same as it is 22:19 today 22:20 all he did was exposed the elite just as 22:24 those who claim to be truth speakers and 22:26 freedom fighters do today when Jesus 22:29 spoke to the masses that would gather to 22:31 hear what he had to say he would feed 22:33 them if they were hungry and heal them 22:35 if they were sick he taught us how to be 22:37 humanity that is what he was here to do 22:40 to teach us again how to be human and 22:43 not be controlled by the le but to have 22:45 a new market true true love free society 22:48 and to live in peace here on this earth 22:50 led used an infiltrator to the tray and 22:54 his debt the LED always killed those who 22:57 stand up against them 22:59 we all know this you can find many 23:02 people murdered by the le to keep them 23:04 silent every day about a transcript that 23:12 third monitor my nap at French speaking 23:16 canadian journalist with talking about 23:20 with the presentation that he did about 23:24 projects we be mad about what NASA is 23:27 planning to fail and agreed that support 23:32 what our task is to make the people 23:37 realize that the coming of the new order 23:39 is not a dream 23:41 neither a paranoid thought maybe the 23:43 real satanic undergoing project for what 23:46 why are they do one to abolish all 23:50 Christian traditional religion in order 23:53 to replace them by one world religion 23:55 based on the coldest band to to abolish 23:59 all national identity and national pride 24:01 in order to establish a world identity 24:04 and world cried at the college the 24:07 family known as know today in order to 24:09 replace it by individuals all working to 24:12 the glory of one world government to 24:15 destroy all individual artistic and 24:17 scientific reading work to implement the 24:19 world's governments one line back in the 24:22 1990's 24:23 ok the first step concerns the great 24:27 down all archaeologists archaeological 24:30 not psychological preparation for 24:35 population for the first step has been 24:37 prepared who filled like 2001 a Space 24:41 Odyssey he's a series star trac ok and 24:47 solve war 24:48 Wow and what we just came out that 24:52 filled with gigantic space show with 3d 24:55 optical Holograms and sound laser 24:59 projection of multiple holographic 25:01 images different parts of the world each 25:03 competing different images according to 25:05 predominating regional national 25:07 religious faith this new God's image 25:10 will be talking in all languages then 25:13 they are and then go down the day that 25:15 they even have the technology so that 25:18 they can implement this is Godhead of 25:21 God figures to talk in various languages 25:23 calculated resistance of the new world 25:26 religion in New World Order the new 25:28 Messiah will be on a massive scale and 25:30 the ensuing holy board the grouping 25:32 project will pretend to be the universal 25:35 fulfillment of the prophecies of old as 25:37 nature and even as that which took place 25:40 two thousand years ago 25:42 here we go in principle it will make use 25:45 of the sky as a movie screen a 25:47 space-based plays they're generating 25:49 satellite project simultaneous images to 25:53 the four corners of the planet in every 25:55 language and in every dialect according 25:57 to region it deals with the religious 26:01 aspect of the new world order it is a 26:03 large-scale seduction is 26:05 what else do not look far enough into to 26:08 understand is that the bible book that 26:11 was put together by the Catholic Church 26:13 which is Ron violence the Syrian le 26:16 contains the Jewish Torah which the 26:19 Christ believers do not agree with us 26:21 follow Christianity were a religion like 26:24 the one le created it would have his own 26:28 book it on altered text instead many 26:31 Christian texts were never put in the 26:33 Bible which is why much of it makes no 26:35 sense think most of what is included in 26:38 the published by Random compilations of 26:41 documents and personal letters which 26:43 never meant anything to anyone but who 26:45 wrote them and received them with a 26:48 document allowed to be added in the 26:50 published Bible a few which were 26:52 actually written by men who knew the 26:54 elite and wanted to warn the rest of us 26:57 and expose the truth of Jesus so we 27:00 would not be deceived as we are their 27:03 texts were altered it in others changed 27:06 very drastically this is why did it 27:08 takes actual work and study to learn 27:10 something and find the truth and why you 27:12 cannot assume and judge anything until 27:14 you have fully researched not simply a 27:17 five-minute google search led to believe 27:20 Lucifer's God and they hate Jesus that 27:24 is why they have done everything they 27:26 can to twist what we can find easily 27:28 about him and why christians are the 27:30 ones persecuted and murdered by 27:32 religions which the Luciferian elite 27:35 have made to use against those who know 27:38 and speak the truth and try to tell 27:40 others about the creator and the great 27:42 purpose we have here on earth many who 27:45 know the truth and are awake or claim to 27:47 be are blinded to the side of it which 27:50 is the final step of truth 27:52 the hardest one Jesus told the Creator 27:56 to forgive us for murdering and because 27:58 we did not know what we were doing the 28:01 new those who are brainwashed by the 28:03 elite and to our line cannot see it 28:06 takes hard work that is why whoever 28:08 believes in the truth as he told us will 28:12 see the Creator because we will see and 28:14 know the truth of this world but how can 28:17 we know the lies from the truth and 28:19 knowing there will be many ble will 28:21 continue to parade in front of us 28:23 claiming to bring peace how can we not 28:26 be deceived many used the prophecy 28:29 revelation in the Bible as the reference 28:32 since the plans of the leds are revealed 28:35 in this is where most people say well if 28:40 the only following document it was 28:42 written by a man who knew the trench 28:44 around 3,000 years ago then what about 28:47 before it was written 28:49 why did they use the exact same coding 28:52 gene nutria the same agenda the same 28:56 violence individuals the same greed and 28:59 evil that is the easiest of all and 29:01 should be so easy to see but we are also 29:04 blinded by the infections the lives they 29:07 are so ingrained enough the aliens who 29:10 control the elite and use teammate 29:12 really and cat are launched follow 29:14 prophecy they do because of the Creator 29:16 does they live with the Creator before 29:19 we were created they cannot create 29:21 anything because they like us are not 29:24 creators but they are deceivers so they 29:28 can take the truth and twisted and 29:29 alteration sensor it we were deceived by 29:32 the aliens and we were all exiled here 29:34 every time we are deceived of 29:37 frequencies hide this morning from being 29:40 able to know the truth but the areum's 29:43 the fallen ones demons live bios the oh 29:47 they are bound to is that they can do 29:49 nothing without telling us about it that 29:52 is why they make movies and books and 29:54 all sorts of things to tell us what will 29:57 come if we only pay attention they have 30:00 to tell them everything they do and they 30:03 failed us 30:04 so they tell him the most difficult way 30:07 for us to find 30:08 we must always be vigilant because they 30:11 are a bunch of bitches 30:13 why do they have to tell there's 30:16 everything 30:17 why did our Creator want us to be able 30:19 to know everything that happens in our 30:21 world so we would not be deceived 30:23 industry and suffering the following 30:26 your eggs out here to her for a time 30:28 they are ruled by time that is why they 30:31 try to rule us with him today they are 30:34 ruled by another that is why they try to 30:37 divide and for substance why Rose follow 30:40 laws pledge allegiance to buying 30:43 ourselves to them instead of being three 30:46 as we are 30:48 it is quite simply but most people make 30:51 it complicated health sabotage we are so 30:55 used to being brainwashed in light to we 30:57 do is to ourselves more than anything 31:00 only with the elite controlled by the 31:02 following one can they have wars and 31:05 Destin diseases we are supposed to live 31:08 in this beautiful world in love and 31:10 peace and harmony in Anarchy no rulers 31:13 no religion the alien know this is what 31:17 we were made for so this is what we all 31:19 naturally so they will give us live 31:22 coming in the name of peace they will 31:25 receive us into accepting the line 31:27 religion they was lying the masses into 31:29 were shaping lutheran we will have to 31:32 ever turn your back on the Creator 31:34 amount 31:34 whatever made even after being told time 31:37 and time again what to do to stop it and 31:39 change and have the life we all dream of 31:42 how can we not expect the creator's 31:45 judgment we should all be thankful the 31:47 creator's location with our stupidity 31:50 he's an actor 6,000 years of warnings we 31:53 all deserve what is coming because we 31:56 have done nothing as of yet to stop it 32:00 wake up before it is too late 32:03 do not be deceived we do not fight 32:06 against princes and kingdoms for that is 32:09 dust in the wind 32:10 we fight against the forces of evil we 32:13 exposed the darkness we shine the true 32:16 light expect us 32:19 [Music] 32:42 we have human beings just not ready for 32:44 that well if you go on a country road in 32:46 until you saw what you go down to the 32:48 and practice i will be giving nuclear 32:52 energy take me to your and clean or you 32:54 have this politically inc

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