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President Donald Trump's Weekly Address [02/03/17]

this week I nominated Neil 0:02 Gorsuch for the United States Supreme 0:04 Court Judge course which is one of the 0:07 most qualified people ever to be 0:09 nominated for this post 0:11 he's a graduate of Columbia Harvard and 0:14 Oxford he's a man of principle he has an 0:17 impeccable resume he's widely respected 0:20 by everyone and judge courses it's 0:23 proven track record upholding the 0:26 Constitution makes him the ideal person 0:29 to fill the vacancy left by the late 0:32 great Antonin Scalia a truly fabulous 0:35 justice 10 years ago the Senate 0:38 unanimously approved judge corset his 0:41 nomination to serve on the Tenth Circuit 0:44 Court of Appeals urge members of both 0:46 parties to support judge courses and in 0:49 so doing to protect our laws and our 0:52 freedoms this week we also took 0:55 significant action to roll back the 0:57 massive regulation that is devastating 0:59 our economy and crippling American 1:03 companies and jobs 1:04 that's why I've issued a new executive 1:06 order to create permanent structure of 1:09 regulatory reduction disorder requires 1:12 that for everyone 1:14 new regulation to old regulations must 1:18 and I mean must be eliminated it's out 1:21 of control the January employment report 1:24 shows that the private sector added 1:26 237,000 jobs last month a lot of that 1:30 has to do with the spirit our country 1:32 now as job growth far surpassed 1:35 expectations in january and the labor 1:38 force participation also grew so you can 1:42 be encouraged about the progress of our 1:44 economy it's going to be a whole new 1:47 ballgame but there is still much work to 1:51 do that i can tell you 1:53 also this week on the first day black 1:56 history month i was pleased to host 1:58 african-american leaders at the White 2:00 House were determined to deliver more 2:03 opportunity jobs and safety for the 2:06 african-american citizens of our country 2:08 America can really never ever rest until 2:13 Q 2:13 children of every color are fully 2:16 included in the American dream so 2:18 important i think probably one of my 2:21 most and maybe my most important goal it 2:24 is our mutual duty and obligation to 2:27 make sure this happens at Dover Air 2:30 Force Base on wednesday i joined the 2:32 family of chief Special Warfare operator 2:35 william ryan owens as our fallen hero 2:38 was returned home a great man chief 2:41 Owens gave his life for his country and 2:44 for our people are dead to him and his 2:46 family a beautiful family is eternal God 2:51 has truly blessed this nation to have 2:53 given us such a brave and selfless 2:55 patriot as Ryan we will never forget him 2:59 we will never ever forget those who 3:02 serve believe me and i will never forget 3:05 that my responsibility is to keep you 3:07 the American people safe and free 3:12 that's why last week I signed an 3:14 executive order to help keep terrorists 3:16 out of our country the executive order 3:18 establishes a process to develop new 3:20 Vedic and mechanisms to ensure those 3:23 coming into America love and support our 3:27 people that they have good intentions on 3:31 every single front we're working to 3:33 deliver for American workers and 3:34 American families you the law abiding 3:37 citizens of this country are my total 3:39 priority your safety your jobs and your 3:43 wages guide our decisions we are here to 3:46 serve you the great and loyal citizens 3:49 of the United States of America to 3:51 forgotten men and women will never be 3:54 forgotten again because from now on it's 3:57 going to be America first 3:59 that's how i got elected that's why you 4:01 voted for me and i will never forget it 4:04 god bless you and God bless america 4:07 we will make America 4:10 wait

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