#TRUMP vs #PUTIN BREAKING NEWS February 28, 2017

Actions Speak Louder Than Words .. While everyone knows that not All of Russia, including not all in the Kremlin are Pro-Putin and Pro-Trump, it is Ridiculous to Assert that the Same Communist Organizations in Russia that Are Against TPP, were Training people to be Against Trump, who is Also against TPP. Putin was Obviously against Hillary Clinton, even if he did make past deals with her. I think the bottom line is: While Russia is like most countries that have Left and Right Factions throughout their country and government, I think that Putin's actions Speak Louder Than Propaganda. Some in the Kremlin may be stirring the Globalist Pot, but they don't make up the Whole of Russia. I think Putin wants a Friendly and Cooperative Relationship with the United States under Trump's Administration. His past Patterns and Actions show that. Even though we may differ on some issues, Russia is not the country that has Historically Attacked the United States.

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