Deep State War - 7 Russian Officials Found Dead !! #Putin #KGB #Russia

Deep State War - 7 Russian Officials Found Dead !!

please open mind discern this in all information februari 28 2017 deep state war seven Russian officials murdered or found dead since election day posted on the freethought by claire burnish Russian diplomats seem to be an endangered species as seven officials have been found dead under mysterious or unexplained circumstances just since election day and although any link remains as yet unprovable the death certainly provoke a number of questions one sergei kravinoff first is the perplexing case of Sergei Christmas disputable a consular duty commander at the Russian consulate in Manhattan died on november eight election day under perhaps the most problematic circumstances of any of the deaths listed found unconscious and unresponsive on the floor inside the consulate creative suffered blunt-force trauma to the head initially reported as received in a fall from the roof of the building and passed away before emergency services could reach the scene consular officials quickly backtracked that crevice died after plunging over the building instead insisting he suffered a heart attack but the diplomats lack of paper trails and ambiguity from officials about his career position make the death appear to be far from ordinary that position is no ordinary security guard reported both feet on Christmas ambiguous role at the consulate according to other public russian-language descriptions of the duty commander position of privilege would have been in charge of among other things prevention of sabotage and suppression of attempts of secret intrusion into the consulate in other words it was Christmas job to make sure US intelligence agencies didn't have ears in the building to Andrey Karloff on December nineteenth Russian ambassador to Turkey andrey karlov met his fate while giving a speech at an art exhibit in Ankara whenever lot more Delta and off-duty turkish riot police officer fired several shots from behind fatally wounding the diplomat and injuring several others Elton proceeded to declare jihad and implored the terrified small crowd of attendees and press do not forget Aleppo do not forget Syria it was later revealed alta have used his law enforcement identification to enter the gallery but at the time russian president vladimir putin railed against the attacker insecurity allowing him to enter the exhibit russia through Turks eyes without issue and the possible implications for resolving the conflict in Syria stating this murder is clearly a provocation aimed at undermining the improvement and normalization of russian-turkish relations as well as undermining a peace process in Syria promoted by Russia Turkey Iran and other countries interested in settling the conflict in Syria three petrol Paul chicago at some point on the same day and prior to the brazen assassination of Karloff Petra Paul she cost a senior diplomat in the Latin America division at the Russian Foreign Ministry side in his Moscow apartment of a gunshot wound to the head an announcement of the suspicious death did not become public until a few hours after al10 to shock the world in Ankara detailed information on Paul she cost untimely demise remains difficult to obtain reports at the time alleged authorities found two bullet shells on the scene in a firearm under a sink in the bathroom for Oleg your abington ex-kgb chief all like you're grabbing can believe to have assisted former British spy Christopher steel with the Lord dossier alleging explicit x by President Donald Trump was found dead in his black Lexus on December 29 arriving can have been close to Igor sukkin a former deputy prime minister and now head of state-owned oil company Rosneft and had acted as icky liaison between skin and Putin although validity of the contents of that dossier have been called into serious question arriving can't alleged involvement in compiling me information makes his death dubious by nature an investigation is ongoing five and three mountain despite living alone on a tightly guarded street Andrey melon head of the consular section at Russia's Embassy in Athens was found on the floor of his bedroom by a member of the embassy staff with no evidence of a break-in the official said on condition of anonymity reuters reported january nine authorities also told Reuters there were no indications mountain had been murdered but homicide officials are investigating the death due to his status as a diplomat six Alexander catechin on january 26 Russian ambassador to India 67-year old Alexander catechin who had served in the position since 2009 and spent over two decades as a diplomat died in New Delhi awesome lively from heart failure although it appeared the man's death was unrelated to the others and had been natural the timing in conjunction with karlov Paul shit off arriving can and melon and raised some eyebrows seven Vitaly Churkin then last week Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin died one day before his 65th birthday in New York City reportedly of a heart failure according to the new york times on februari 20th the Russian government said he died suddenly but did not specify a cost the new york city police said there were no indications of foul play however after reported according to abs-cbn a post-mortem examination of chickens body showed the presence of poison in his kidneys allegedly the diplomat had had late supper at around midnight hours before his death perpetrators could have added an unknown substance in his food sure can have been a vocal critic of hypocritical Western foreign policy particularly concerning military actions in Syria and obituaries in the Guardian stated shirk and hated the more Allison tone of his us British and French counterparts on the UN Security Council who he felt were not only hypocritical but we're playing to the global gallery and aiming to score rhetorical points instead of looking for compromises that could lead to the resolution of differences this applied particularly to the war in Syria about which Western governments tabled resolutions that could lead in the Russian view to fall scale military intervention against the Syrian government in which they knew Churkin was bound to veto Russia preferred to produce resolutions that criticized the Syrian Army for using disproportionate force and sought agreement on ceasefires sure can consulted the Security Council's five permanent members on these resolutions but chose not to provoke vetoes when he realized there was no consensus what if anything this growing Russian diplomat body count actually means might never be fully known but many suspect the deaths of infamous article covered war between the deep state and Russia particularly as hostilities continue mostly unabated as a shift in power away from the ailing imperialist u.s. Empire gathers speed thanks for listening and watching

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