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Trump Should Be Impeached !!

 Rep. Maxine Waters calls for a full investigation to determine if the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in any way during the campaign. Waters says such collusion would be grounds for impeachment.

Transcript : finally Congress member Maxine Waters 0:01 you're talking about the impeachment of 0:04 Donald Trump why 0:06 well here's what I'm saying uh to the in 0:11 response to questions that I'm getting 0:13 what can we do how we going to put up 0:15 with him for four more years i answered 0:18 by saying I don't intend to put up with 0:20 them before more years I think that he 0:23 has defined himself he has raised 0:26 serious questions about whether or not 0:29 he should be the leader of a bar country 0:33 uh I am asking that the investigations 0:37 really look into whether or not for 0:39 example that was collusion with Putin 0:42 and the Kremlin as a hacked into our DNC 0:45 is a hacked into our d-triple-c feet and 0:48 two members of Congress what was going 0:51 on if certainly if he was involved if 0:55 this president of his campaign I wasn't 0:58 Bob with the Kremlin etc then I think 1:01 that is grounds for impeachment and so 1:04 I'm saying I'm willing to do everything 1:06 to get to the bottom of this 1:09 relationship and what happened and I 1:12 certainly think there's no question that 1:14 if there was collusion if that was 1:16 strategizing if there was planning if 1:19 you had knowledge about this hacking 1:22 then I certainly believe he should be a 1:24 beach so how do you go about 1:25 investigating that well one of the 1:28 things we're trying to do is we're 1:30 trying to put pressure on other 1:32 committees that are now saying that 1:35 they're going to do the investigation 1:37 you have the Intelligence Committee on 1:39 the Senate side and you have one of the 1:41 house committee's talking about doing 1:43 the investigations I've put together a 1:45 concurrent resolution that identified 1:48 steps i think they should take and the 1:50 way that they should drilled out and so 1:52 educating the public so that the public 1:55 can put pressure on these investigations 1:58 to make sure they're not just 1:59 whitewashed that they're real 2:01 investigations to get at the truth I 2:04 think we have to fight and press very 2:06 hard in order to get at the truth and I 2:09 think that it is possible to do that we 2:12 cannot 2:13 think that somehow we can find out 2:15 what's going on him is in fact they 2:18 discovered that he was hacking they can 2:21 discover other things about him and 2:23 metaphor and what they were doing 2:24 Congress member maxine waters from Los 2:27 Angeles California thanks so much for 2:28 being with us 2:29 Congress member waters is a democratic 2:32 serves as ranking member of the House 2:33 Committee on financial services

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  2. Should he ? “
    “All great truths begin as blasphemies.” Wrote George Bernard Shaw
    Time Magazine, on Feb 07, 2017, came out with an article -- Why Congress Should Impeach Donald Trump -- and calling for his impeachment.
    But how can TIME magazine, of the GLOBALISTS, claim to write a word about Donald Trump when it has miserably forfeited all its rights by going almost 90% wrong in predicting ‘victory’ for Hillary Clinton (and defeat for Trump) till the counting of votes on 8 November 2016. It was not ashamed even to come out with a cover page declaring Hillary Clinton as American President on 8 November 2016.
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  3. This site is so full of Hate and lies.

    For all of you that hate President Trump, I have no issue with you. You are completely entitled to your view, and I respect that. So, here is the best way you can really make your voice heard....
    1. When income taxes get reduced, give that money back to the government.
    2. When you go to a job interview, and an illegal, or refugee also show up...Withdraw your candidacy for the position.
    3. When roads, bridges, and highways get improved, don't drive on them. Ride your flying Unicorn to the protest.
    4. When energy prices drop, due to less regulation, donate that money saved, to St. Jude.
    5. When Apple, Google, and all those other companies repatriate money, boycott them. (that means dumping your hybrid car, and smashing your I-phone)
    6. When an Illegal felonious alien needs a place to hide... Take them into your home. (and feed the poor thing)
    7. When your healthcare has choices, do not accept it. (and by all means donate the reduction to St. Jude, as well)
    8. And FINALLY.... When that ballistic missile comes screaming in from the Middle East...... By all means JUMP IN FRONT OF IT!!!!!!!!!
    Just a few suggestions from a gal that is concerned about your feelings....