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What They SECRETLY Told Us During SUPER BOWL (2017)

Once again, another Occult Ritual played out in public for MILLIONS to see, but so few actually do...

Also, the "two towers" of the Masonic Solomon Ritual, the Project Monarch "butterfly" face makeup, the fire eruptions, and "climbing the stairs" at the end, all ritualistic occult inclusions. 69

Transcript : guys it's KJ from the scariest movie 0:19 channel on youtube today we're going to 0:21 talk about what they were secretly 0:23 telling us during the halftime show at 0:26 the Superbowl 2017 just like many other 0:30 super bowl halftime shows before it this 0:32 was literally in a cult ritual played 0:34 out before our very eyes 0:37 i'm going to show you what they were 0:38 telling us and then shortly after that 0:40 i'll show you a few commercials as well 0:43 and how these commercials carry the same 0:46 theme and before we really get into it 0:48 it's really important to understand why 0:51 they do this kind of stuff typically 0:53 during the super bowl of all events the 0:55 Super Bowl is one of the most watched 0:57 shows on television 0:59 traditionally over the last several 1:00 years the Super Bowl is watched by well 1:03 over a hundred million people that's a 1:06 lot of people that's a lot of eyes on 1:08 this event so I've seen event like this 1:10 that i know is going to have hundreds of 1:12 millions of eyes all over it i try to 1:14 pay special attention to the ads and I 1:17 also pay very special attention to the 1:20 performances because if you're familiar 1:22 with my channel you know that we've 1:24 covered this subject for years now it's 1:28 always there and what I'm talking about 1:30 is this new world order agenda 1:32 hand-in-hand with the Antichrist agenda 1:36 so isn't it interesting that it seems 1:38 every year over the last several years 1:40 it's not just the superbowl that's 1:43 pushing for this agenda but it's also 1:45 all these awards shows we see and again 1:47 I've covered that subject throughout the 1:49 years as well when you pay attention and 1:51 when you watch the performances and the 1:53 artists and oftentimes of the ads as 1:55 well you'll see a continuing theme 1:58 pushing force this agenda of the New 2:01 World Order and pushing force this 2:03 agenda of the Antichrist beast system 2:07 if we just look at how much money these 2:09 advertisers put into these short ads on 2:12 the superbowl that alone tells us that 2:14 far as I'm concerned that mind control 2:17 is very real 2:19 most of us already realize this but this 2:21 is a prime example and it's something 2:23 that millions of people should be able 2:25 to understand because over the last 2:27 decade alone that cost for the coveted 2:30 add time during the Super Bowl is more 2:32 than doubled a 30-second commercial for 2:35 the first super bowl in 1967 only cost 2:39 forty two thousand dollars but the 2:41 average broke the 1 million dollar 2:43 barrier in 1995 and hit a record high of 2:46 4.5 million per ad in 2015 in 2016 CBS 2:52 was charging five million dollars per ad 2:55 and what's really interesting when you 2:57 break that down numerically it comes out 2:59 to 160 6.66 six hundred thousand dollars 3:05 per second 3:06 these advertisers will pay these massive 3:09 amounts of money for these short ads 3:11 because again they know there's so many 3:12 people watching 3:14 so then it's up to us to try to 3:16 understand what it is that they're 3:17 telling us why would they pay this much 3:19 money right what is it they're really 3:21 trying to tell us if they're simply 3:23 selling us a product i can understand 3:25 that but once again 3:26 far too often these same themes and 3:29 messages come up in these ads and these 3:31 performances 3:32 case in point lady gaga's performance at 3:35 the 2017 super bowl halftime show 3:39 so for me it started from the very 3:41 beginning again these are subjects 3:43 covered for years i also talked a lot 3:45 about the Fallen Angels my personal 3:47 believe that we see evidence of these 3:49 fallen ones with the orbs the orbs style 3:52 UFOs another subject I've covered for 3:55 years so the opening sequence of this 3:59 lady gaga performances her singing god 4:01 Bless America standing up on top of a 4:04 platform and she's surrounded by these 4:06 orbs the orbs in this case we're 4:09 actually drones there are 300 drones 4:11 behind her and they would change shapes 4:13 and forms and everything else throughout 4:15 the performance 4:16 but before they started doing that they 4:18 were simply twinkling in the sky like 4:19 this so we have the orbs we have 4:22 ladygaga up on the platform just before 4:25 she filled to the earth just as Satan 4:28 fell to the earth the star fell from 4:30 heaven in keeping with that theme as i 4:33 told you how so many times we 4:35 continually see the same idea of the 4:37 same themes 4:38 this right here is from the super bowl 4:40 halftime show 2015 with katy perry so 4:43 once again very interesting that her 4:45 entrance during this performance was on 4:48 a falling star surrounded by orbs in the 4:51 background once again so we have the 4:53 devil 4:54 so we have the devil symbolically 4:57 falling from heaven we have the star 5:00 falling from heaven surrounded by the 5:02 Fallen Angels the orbs and now we have 5:06 the same theme in 2017 but this time 5:09 with Lady Gaga get another one of the 5:11 use if you will Illuminati sell out 5:13 every state an Excel out it's an artist 5:16 who is constantly putting out these same 5:18 things right these satanic themes these 5:20 as we say Illuminati themes so she was 5:24 hooked up to a harness 5:25 she was standing up on the platform 5:26 performed the song surrounded by the 5:29 orange and then she leaps off of the 5:32 platform and falls to the earth once 5:35 again with the orbs all behind her again 5:38 keeping with that theme the falling star 5:41 the Fallen star surrounded by the fallen 5:45 ones i also don't think that it was just 5:48 a coincidence that they had her dressed 5:49 up and kind of this space-age looking 5:51 outfit i personally believe this falls 5:56 into the idea of the great delusion or 5:58 the false alien invasion or false alien 6:01 contact this world is always telling us 6:03 that there's other life out there are 6:04 other planets and that they're aliens 6:06 there's all these different alien 6:07 species right yet it is my belief and 6:10 has been my belief for years once again 6:12 this is a deception that these are going 6:14 to be fallen angels further proof of the 6:17 Satanic symbolism of the Satanic themes 6:20 behind this entire performance came to 6:22 us in the form of massive pentagrams on 6:25 the stage in one point lady gaga 6:27 actually sat on top of one did a little 6:29 bit of performance i'll pull back a 6:31 little bit here i'm gonna show you what 6:32 I'm talking about 6:34 ok so here's a writer shot of the stage 6:37 and you can actually clearly make out 6:39 one of the pentagrams they had a few of 6:41 them buried like this right around the 6:43 stage but if you look over there to the 6:45 right side that is a star as you can see 6:48 and has been turned upside down 6:50 it's not fully revealed because again 6:52 this is how they put the stuff right in 6:54 front of the face of over a hundred 6:56 million people without people fully 6:58 understanding what it is but we can put 7:01 these connections together right and we 7:03 can understand that there's a theme 7:05 being played out here this is a public 7:07 ritual promoting Satanism or some may 7:10 say Illuminati beast system ideals New 7:14 World Order agenda so that star that's 7:18 buried halfway into the ground the 7:20 upside down star you're looking out 7:22 there is this that is exactly what the 7:25 upside down star is in this case once 7:27 again onstage all around the stage the 7:31 superbowl half-time in front of over a 7:34 hundred million people and then 7:37 continuing with pushing forth all of 7:39 these ideals and these occult ideas at 7:42 one point during her performance 7:43 lady gaga grabbed a scepter she held 7:46 this star scepter in her hand and that 7:49 scepter we've seen throughout history 7:51 once again this is a representation of 7:53 mother goddess worship Ishtar Isis and 7:57 the list goes on and as always we need 8:01 our confirmations right i mean you know 8:03 you can see maybe just appeared with an 8:04 eye on something and you can't 8:06 automatically say they're pushing for 8:08 the agenda a lot of these symbols have 8:10 been with us for a very long time so 8:12 sometimes it's just a part of the 8:14 collective consciousness of everybody 8:15 but I think so far we've proven with 8:18 this performance there's plenty of 8:19 confirmations 8:21 even at one point she put on this jacket 8:23 which once again was pushing for the Sun 8:26 symbolism this is another thing we see a 8:28 lot as far as what we call Illuminati 8:30 symbols or non very base level cold 8:34 symbolism satanic symbolism for this be 8:36 system because these people are son 8:39 su n sun worshippers and that is linked 8:43 to the worship of Lucifer the false 8:45 light so here she has this jacket and on 8:48 both of his shoulders she has massive 8:50 Sun symbols with the Rays shooting out 8:52 and we saw the Sun symbolism once again 8:55 we had a confirmation at the end of her 8:57 performance and now right here they have 9:00 this overhead shot at the very end of 9:02 the performance and you can see the 9:03 massive son symbolism there's the Sun 9:05 there and had all the Rays kind of 9:07 flickering in and out and rotating all 9:09 around there so again we have this 9:13 occult ritual in front of the public 9:14 eyes and the worship of the Sun as she 9:17 went by extension of that people worship 9:19 of Lucifer so now that we've covered the 9:22 ritual performance that took place at 9:24 the halftime show I just want to show 9:26 you how some of the ads that played 9:29 throughout the whole super bowl also 9:31 we're pushing for this same agenda and 9:33 the same ideas so first and foremost 9:35 they ran an ad for the new pirates of 9:37 the caribbean movie called dead men tell 9:39 no tales and then watching this entire 9:42 ad the whole idea really is about the 9:45 beast rising from the sea evil coming 9:48 from the sea even the movie poster has 9:51 johnny depp there front and center with 9:53 the all-seeing eye or 1i symbolism and 9:56 all around him you see images of death 9:58 rising from the sea and here's just 10:01 another one of the images from the movie 10:03 and as you can see the Beast those are 10:05 teeth you see teeth coming from the sea 10:07 that beast coming from the sea and 10:11 continuing with that theme there is an 10:13 ad for the new transformers movie which 10:15 is called the last night 10:17 k ni ght you can see this character 10:20 right here coming up behind all of this 10:22 destruction they get really specific at 10:25 one point the commercial 10:26 it opens up with somebody narrating and 10:29 they say your world is dying and then it 10:32 shows these two transformers fighting on 10:34 a massive what appears to be a spaceship 10:36 that's coming up out of the ocean so 10:40 once again the same themes one more 10:43 thing I'll add more about the 10:44 commercials is that apparently alfa 10:46 romeo was a huge sponsor this year the 10:48 Super Bowl because they had several ads 10:51 throughout the entire game 10:52 what's most interesting is their tagline 10:55 their tagline was riding on the backs of 10:58 dragons 10:59 of course we have the serpent there as 11:01 one of the emblems for output email and 11:04 upon closer inspection of the Alfa Romeo 11:07 emblem we see what we see the serpent 11:10 actually eating a man or eating a human 11:13 riding on the backs of dragons and deep 11:16 and this is one of the bigger sponsors 11:19 for the Super Bowl this year with 11:20 multiple commercials so they really just 11:24 selling his cars or are they also 11:26 selling us ideas and something else for 11:29 your consideration as far as lady gaga 11:31 goes and again the position she was 11:34 given the job she was given to have this 11:37 massive performance and in front of the 11:39 eyes of the world really again super 11:41 bowl being one of the most watched shows 11:43 all around 11:44 she's a very good friends with marina 11:46 abramovic and a lot of people first 11:48 learned about a brand-new big through 11:49 the Podesta emails and spirit cooking 11:52 and all this weird up she called a 11:54 performance art she does 11:56 I've covered her a few videos myself 11:58 many other people have as well i 11:59 personally believe she's a very high 12:01 level which and she's connected to 12:04 politicians also connected to the 12:06 Hollywood elite I believe this is a very 12:09 sick person and there's no doubt once 12:12 you investigate her that what she is 12:14 involved in on a very base level at 12:15 least is purely satanic very dark stuff 12:19 and his lady gaga with your right here 12:22 at one of our events and Lady Gaga my 12:25 opinion is one of the most satanic 12:27 performers out there yet here she is 12:29 onstage during you know what many people 12:31 think is one of the most American things 12:33 out there football right the super bowl 12:35 of all things 12:36 she's the performer one of the most 12:39 satanic popular performers as far as I'm 12:42 concerned out there yet this is the 12:45 person that gets to perform during the 12:47 Superbowl a very American event most 12:49 people believe and see it as she gets to 12:52 perform for multiple and multiple 12:54 millions and millions of people this is 12:58 bringing Satanism to the mainstream its 13:01 subtle for the most part unless you have 13:04 the eyes to see this stuff but that's 13:06 exactly what this is so I'll close up 13:09 there folks that's what i wanted to show 13:11 you and share with you so thank you for 13:15 checking out the video i truly 13:16 appreciate it and I hope you'll take 13:18 care of yourselves out there right and 13:20 i'll talk to you real soon

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