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Today America Is Divided More Than Ever over Trump

 A supporter of President Donald Trump told CNN on Monday that is was “extremely sad” to see people spending President’s Day protesting against Trump because he had not “done anything too outlandish.”

‘I have to push back’: CNN host gasps at Trump fan claiming ‘he hasn’t done anything too outlandish’

“I just find it extremely sad that we can’t come together and unite behind a president,” Trump supporter Tamara Mussler explained to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin. “We had eight years with President Obama and now it’s President Trump’s turn and it would be nice if we could at least give him a shot.”

Mussler, who attended Trump’s rally in Florida over the weekend, said that she felt like she had to hide her participation from the other women in her family.

“Because people are so angry and so vehemently against President Trump,” she lamented. “There’s no reason for it. He hasn’t been doing anything too outlandish or anything like that.”

“I have too push back,” Baldwin replied. “Not saying a bad word about Vladimir Putin to even his comments at that rally about crime or an attack in Sweden that never happened to, last week, citing his electoral win, [which he claimed was] the biggest since President Reagan, which isn’t true.”

“Has your trust in this man ever wavered?” the CNN host wondered.

“No, it really hasn’t,” Mussler insisted. “He’s not a politician, he’s not polished, he doesn’t know all the ends and outs and loopholes. And he says what’s on his mind. And unfortunately sometimes he may misquote a fact here of there or say something out of order. And I think that’s him not being a trained politician.”

According to Mussler, people protesting Trump need to see that the president “genuinely care[s] about you.”

“He and his family — I don’t know how to describe it — it’s just an unbelievable feeling that you feel like he’s talking to you,” she added. “And if you ran into him, you feel like he’d give you a hug and say, ‘There, there.’ And he’s willing to stick his neck out to help you.”

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