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Red Alert -- US to Expel George Soros and to strip him of his American Citizenship

ALERT US Expels George Soros 9mil Signed Request for Trump to REMOVE his Citizenship!

Red Alert -- US to Expel George Soros and to strip him of his citizenship

this is a red alert just released news US is to expel George Soros this is on the Greek article transferred into dangerous for you it's breaking news now crowd of more than nine million Americans have signed a request to ask president Trump to deprive george soros of his US citizenship and no longer allow him to enter the United States President drops we asked you to forbid the entrance of george soros reaction to forbid George shorts and salaries do business in the country united states to help managers to formulate the policies to protect the funds to pieces functional those announcing a text published on the website we ask you to issue a warrant for his arrest because he hired people to participate in the riots and protests and can no longer be allowed George George would no longer be allowed to remain united states and to continue working actively to sabotage and destroying our country and put this is what was written in the application now the company's of various companies of george soros one company in particular Flores quantum for nearly 40 years operation has earned over 35 billion dollars record for hedge funds and only for the mortgage crisis and estates decade ago I gave so much money the financier your insurance the fact that is true for two years earned that a billion dollars from this this sources from voice news ER and it's odd we use undeniably believe this so definitely this will be something developing it's not just enough for him to be locked out of the United States and all his assets of the u.s. seized we've got tons of companies ngos and charitable organizations he's been funding color revolutions all over the world there's everything from Arab Spring to Ukraine or in revolution and now easily very sandy Trump riots and protests in the United States known as the purple revolution he's the guy that's been funding Hillary and Obama and they're still after Trump to minimizing impeach him and do whatever they can to make his life a living hell in order for MTV presidency and the globalist agenda to be implemented because as george soros said with those words the one world government cannot come about without the United States and it's his goal to bring down the government of the United States so he is a traitor he had the US citizens and he should be tried for treason his son Alexander is a born in the united states in New York so he's born US citizen george soros was born hungry he's a very Hungarian Jewish banker so naturalized citizens of course now this is a link for you on Greek use of demand for those who are interested

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