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The Naked Truth: Trumpland

 They have been called deplorable but they have changed the face of presidential politics in 2016. Fusion is uncovering the real people that drive the Trump

When people are hurting, it's easy to scapegoat those that have no power, are different and unknown, poor and immigrants. Trump folks that are hurting. We are not that different, but the biggest difference is that I look a little different from you, which Trump calls, "other.". I come from 5th generation Mexican American heritage in the Southwest, with 3 deportations in its history. My great grandfather was deported during the Great Depression in the 30's. My grandparents, both sides during "operation wetback," in the 50's. My dad in a job raid in the 70's. My parents were farmers until American subsidies made it impossible to live as farmers in Mexico, which is why they came over here to work in the fields of Stockton California in the U.S. They brought me up believing in Jesus Christ, to be in a community of faith, to care for one another, to work hard for what we make and try to be as fair and honest to others to reflect our values. Trump is at war with the working class. Look at his companies, how much steel he gets from China, his businesses in other countries, his fight against organized labor, how he duped people into spending money in a fake University. He never released his taxes, and even implicitly stated that he was smart for not paying taxes. I'm a U.S. Citizen and a proud American. Trump has a record of lying and when things are still going bad, he's going to keep on scapegoating those that are different.

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