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How a Geert Wilders victory in Dutch elections could cause the EU to IMPLODE

Mr Wilders in the Netherlands and Ms Le Pen in France, are the silver lining of the EU cloud.
Mr Wilders would be likely to take the country out of the bloc, Marine Le Pen the Front National leader would be likely to follow suit, leaving Germany faced with the prospect of funding the cash hole.

Mr Wilders’ promises include imposing border controls, stopping Islamic Sharia law and sending home migrants who reject Dutch values or commit crimes.

Theres a lot of poverty and inequality in the world. If there were no borders in the world, the majority of the world's population would land up in cities like London, Singapore, New York or Vancouver. This idea of a liberal global utopia as they portray in films like Star Trek is fantasy. If there was no poverty in the world, no religion, etc, maybe then liberals would have a point, but we don't live in that world.

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