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Illuminati 2017: Predictions!!

if there is 99% of us... why can't we consider the federal government terrorist and beat em at their own game? if their objection is to have us kill each other, why not come together as one... like fire ants.. or anything that is small. but when united... it's beast mode time..

America was built on Slavery, America was engineered by the Illuminati and Free Masons. America was a conqured country, and now the decendants of the slaves are still there, the Conqurers children are still there shouting our streets. They own nothing in their country all they are today are DEBT Slaves to a system out of control. TRILLIONS of Dollars in debt, and spend their lives attacking foreign countries trying to conqure them too to put those Nations in the same Debt riddled nations theirs are, via WARS lies theft and robbery. The question is what has these people learnt from History, nothing just doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past and vote in one group of Liars and thieves, and killers after another. Today they speak about Intelligence, and still have their brain stuch firmly up their ASS.

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