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The Jew World Order is The Real Swamp !!

If this info doesn't amaze you, you're still asleep & should probably stay that way! A wealthy & highly respected Hebrew blew the whistle on the elite "Jews" and their global hidden agenda... long ago.

 NOT ALL JEWS ARE MALEVOLENT or MISGUIDED! I know personally that many genuine Hebrews (and some fake Jews) are actually honest, loving, caring human beings. However it is entirely possible that there are a disproportionately large number of negative entities inhabiting Jewish bodies, as compared with averages in most other races of humans & humanoid beings. After all, Jews were the race of choice by Yahweh (the Reptilian impostor "god") who needed a bloodline he could reliably corrupt with his evil agenda.

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  1. The truth is in replacing the word "Jew" with the words "Irish", "Scottish", "German" and "Welsh" - you fucking ass wipes!