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How to Survive an Economic Collapse. Are you prepared?

Too many preparedness books are written by authors envisioning a Cold War style nuclear winter, and by people who have never lived through the crisis they describe. This book is different. If you're looking for detailed information about what life will really be like during and after a financial crisis, this is the book you need right here. Tons of practical advice, largely focusing on preventing yourself from falling victim to skyrocketing crime rates, what types of crimes become common when times are bad, and how to defend yourself if you're still targeted despite your efforts. There's also substantial information about how to prepare yourself financially and explanations of why the advice given by other preppers is often unrealistic. This is the real deal here and it's changed some of the ways I prep. I was not personally bothered by the book's lack of professional editing, and I actually enjoyed the conversational tone. I felt that the sections flowed together well and only noticed some choppiness during the parts on firearms where it became a bit lengthy and rambling.

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