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Harry Dent - Trump Rally Is Peak Of A Lifetime - 5 Feb 17

I think this is going to be a stock 0:15 market peak of a lifetime followed by a 0:17 crash very similar to the early nineteen 0:20 thirties this happens once in a lifetime 0:22 that creates incredible investment 0:24 opportunities if you see it coming 0:26 I think we do have a strong rally I 0:28 think this is the last rally in this 0:31 bull market it's probably going to be 0:32 ten to twenty percent the next few 0:34 months it is a trump rally the markets 0:37 are are assuming that he is going to 0:39 create three to four percent growth on a 0:41 sustainable basis and i'm here to tell 0:43 you just as we told people about Japan 0:45 in the ladies it is demographically 0:47 impossible 0:48 our workforce is going to be negative 0:50 growth for the coming years and then 0:52 very slow growth populations only going 0:55 to grow at point two seven percent for 0:57 the next 50 years and productivity is 1:00 near zero how do you get three to four 1:01 percent growth out of that the answer is 1:03 you don't on a sustainable basis and 1:06 cutting taxes isn't going to help 1:07 businesses have had free money now for 1:09 several years due to quantitative easing 1:11 and all we've done is buy back their own 1:13 stocks and do merges and acquisitions 1:14 they're not investing in the future and 1:17 then we've largely through quantitative 1:18 easing hired back all the people that 1:21 were laid off in 2008-2009 and now we're 1:25 near very near full employment so we're 1:27 gonna go back to the demographics of hey 1:29 workforce growth is going to be flat 1:32 I'm not gonna be able to do this when 1:34 the markets figure this out they're 1:35 gonna crash

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