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Alex Jones Is Not Donald Trump's Brain

The mainstream media has been trying to make the public think that Alex Jones controls Donald Trump, but that's not true. They are just both real patriots who are tapped in to the true spirit of America.

ladies and gentlemen here we are as we 0:07 kick off this live worldwide broadcast 0:09 it is of course Tuesday the seventh day 0:12 of everywhere 2017 we have several huge 0:16 guess that are going to be joining us 0:17 today we have one of the booths top 0:19 advisers as well as a university 0:22 professor out in California who has 0:25 witnessed the incredible authoritarian 0:28 bullying of the so-called left and how 0:30 that ties into the legislature of the 0:33 state the Dean of UC Berkeley defending 0:36 the physical attack on people that they 0:39 don't agree with so that's that's all 0:41 coming up today 0:44 first off there's a tactic that the 0:47 mainstream media is using where they 0:50 pretend the infowars is discredited and 0:52 not cutting edge and then they connect 0:55 that Trump and pretend that he's 0:58 discredited helping to split Trump off 1:01 from his base now Trump knows they're 1:03 doing this but the everyday say Alex 1:05 Jones Trump's brain trust with 1:07 everything about Jones no Trump as 1:09 agreed with me on a few things that are 1:11 overwhelmingly documented Trump is his 1:14 own person 1:15 I don't say that because i don't want to 1:17 sit here and make the president bad i 1:18 say that because it's true but clearly 1:22 they're trying to hurt Trump by driving 1:24 him away from his base it's not working 1:25 is delivering in stage but every day I 1:29 see scores of these articles infowars is 1:32 behind president Trump's idea that the 1:34 media is covering up terrorist attacks 1:36 the washington post then they show 1:39 headlines for myself Paul Watson and 1:45 countless others live but they only show 1:47 the screenshots you can't go see it for 1:49 yourself it's three shot 1:51 we go show 1:54 where police sheets the FBI you name it 1:56 are told to cover up the fact that 1:58 Islamists are carrying out attacks like 2:00 San Bernardino now the truth is Trump 2:03 has trolled the media when he spoke at 2:06 Central Command Florida yesterday at 2:08 their headquarters because he knows 2:10 they'll bring all this out now and lose 2:12 this debate he told them he baited him I 2:16 wish I was that smart 2:17 that's that's the Trump dimension he 2:19 knows everything I know and then knows 2:20 how to really play these people i mean i 2:22 don't have a plan to but now you have 2:25 the energy is seven years old it's just 2:27 it's just incredible and this is all 2:29 coming from 2:30 that's amazing i mean some of its banner 2:32 but that noticing bandhan is Trump's 2:35 brain man and makes all the decisions no 2:37 band goes and researches the laws to 2:39 carry out the plan of from 2:43 yes he's there assisting him just like 2:46 the magician's assistant but it's not 2:48 banned running the show it's not 2:50 rogerstone running the show tyler's 2:52 show's run the show not mad run the show 2:54 it's it's Trump present from a whopper 2:58 another whopper like illegal vote 3:02 I have george soros publicly organizing 3:04 illegal to vote today announcing it 3:07 himself 3:08 they have all these states trying to 3:10 pass laws for legal to vote and they 3:12 look at to go there's no illegals voting 3:14 there's no people voting and dead 3:17 people's names you know get caught or 3:18 there's no Atlantic Ocean there's no sun 3:20 and hide in there is no it's gotten to a 3:24 point where there's not even being 3:26 reported he said military leaders US 3:28 Central Command 3:30 and in many cases the very very 3:32 dishonest press doesn't want report it 3:34 they have their reasons and you 3:36 understand that so then they go on to 3:37 say oh here's where he got it they got 3:40 it from alex jones again pretending they 3:43 control reality pretending they define 3:45 things and saying infowars is credited 3:48 and that's by extension Trump when the 3:52 more truck embraces the new media and 3:55 the independent media the more he will 3:56 continue going to done let me take that 3:58 grudge if you didn't have Matt Drudge 4:01 and MSM x even got this right last year 4:03 then Trump wouldn't have gotten elected 4:05 because infowars is strong but we don't 4:07 have the total dominance of grudge to 4:10 force a mean or a topic out there we 4:13 could do it sometimes but not every time 4:16 John wasn't for info wars and Raj and 4:19 right Bart and Trump knows that he 4:21 wouldn't be in the position he sent to 4:23 the media thinks trash dump is trying to 4:25 cut him off from his base and from the 4:29 fount of his agenda which is Americana 4:31 Constitution something to a whole stack 4:34 of news documenting 4:39 I mean homeland security was told eight 4:40 years ago do not say Islamic terror and 4:44 when you stop somebody you can ask what 4:46 even where they're coming from or their 4:47 lobbyists are look on their cellphones 4:49 so you're coming from Yemen you're 4:51 coming from saudi arabia's you're coming 4:53 from sedan for coming from places that 4:55 are war zones like Somalia totally felt 4:59 state and you can't even ask when it 5:01 comes up in a data sheet that you're 5:03 al-qaeda are you with al-qaeda they can 5:06 ask me about part of a criminal group 5:07 they can ask me about drugs that can ask 5:09 me if I got fruits and vegetables but 5:11 you can't ask the Islamist assists 5:13 actually the news saying out front they 5:15 lose appeal now because he mentioned 5:17 Islam 5:19 Congress shall make no law respecting an 5:20 establishment religion penetrate sides 5:23 thereof but you can borrow someone's as 5:25 part of a religious group that its 5:26 tenant is to bomb and kill innocent 5:29 that's a cult comprende not a violation 5:32 of the First Amendment when you've sworn 5:34 allegiance to a murderous military death 5:37 cult you don't have a right to come here 5:39 it's like every other nation has a right 5:41 to barroom they want and it's clear in 5:43 law what they're saying now the courts 5:45 is oh no we can open up to anybody we 5:48 want anybody can come here which is 5:51 globalism which is the end of our 5:52 sovereignty 5:55 so infowars by president Trump's ideas 5:57 the media is covering up terrorist acts 5:59 that was on CNN last night this morning 6:01 it's everywhere and sure it gives us a 6:03 little bit of traffic they've dwindling 6:05 audiences of idiots 6:07 this is mainly a PSYOP so the spicier 6:10 and people reduce it to look mr. 6:11 president more about always Jones your 6:13 boss 6:14 don't listen to him go with the mainline 6:16 Republicans was in the previous that 6:18 special as that goes on by Delilah seats 6:20 forward so we're gonna be getting into 6:25 that whole step we're going to be 6:26 getting into 6:29 how starbucks in Saudi Arabia won't 6:31 serve women but starbucks is fine with 6:33 that they just want to create racial 6:35 division here in America and hard about 6:36 our country so bad 6:38 we're also going to get into the dollar 6:41 jumping and stock market going back up 6:43 to all-time highs 6:44 despite the fact that Goldman Sachs JP 6:47 Morgan Bloomberg all the usual suspects 6:49 have been trying to drive the dollar 6:51 down with sorrows it failed again 6:53 turkeys and more major TV sets that are 6:56 coming out of it they actually watched 6:57 you in lifetime and listen to you and 6:59 sell the data physios the latest will 7:02 tell you about that 7:03 yeah more fake news we broke broke TVs 7:06 watching and listening to you because it 7:07 was in a google press release to their 7:09 shareholders 15 years ago Paul Watson 7:12 breath 1000 it was faking news for years 7:15 they said crazy Alex Jones says your 7:18 TV's watching listen to you 7:20 yeah it's so crazy a Time Warner 7:22 engineer to help patents came and met 7:25 with me pulling up as your daughter 7:27 Mercedes and I just can't do it anymore 7:29 Alex here's the blueprint the new 7:31 scientific atlantic cable boxes of 7:32 microphones listening to you with 7:34 keywords 7:35 Oh such fake those all now proven 7:39 correct that's why we're exploding 7:42 you're contracting I talked to joe rogan 7:43 last night he said clearly this is the 7:45 biggest podcast in his seven and a half 7:48 your history dwarfing stuff that's been 7:50 up there seven years in fact it's had 7:54 you can't see on itunes I don't know Joe 7:57 didn't tell me how to talk about this 7:59 i'm going to talk about how to skip the 8:00 sprint halftime just said it is 8:03 definitely censorship because he is all 8:07 the top itunes shows of all time and 8:10 they won't even let him but habit a 8:12 couple up there even though they say 8:13 this is our top shows of all time 8:15 Joe has every top podcast of all time on 8:18 there but they will not even show it and 8:20 this one 8:21 they're purposely burying because we 8:23 mentioned pizza gate just like YouTube 8:25 won't let it trend even though it should 8:28 have been number one on youtube the 8:30 first day and then got 20 million views 8:32 but they killed it was only on his 8:33 channel that you basically could share 8:35 it to the most-viewed channels each it 8:37 didn't take its place in pole position 8:39 shown only got you know 2.2 million or 8:42 whatever so that's how they operate 8:44 that's how the sensor that's how they 8:46 control and Breitbart that it saps 8:48 kicked off a month and a half ago off of 8:50 itunes they paid for years ago they were 8:52 there and they said you're racist we're 8:54 kicking you off when there's nothing 8:56 even racist there which we always said 8:58 first day on the racist which I don't 9:00 agree with the group they're saying but 9:02 if you ban them everybody else is next 9:04 and now you notice the Democrats can say 9:07 kill whites whites are evil white your 9:10 bad white say that you're an effing 9:13 white male that's ok that's loving 9:18 but we can't even say that thats racist 9:21 or were shut down we're all of us 9:24 together 9:25 and Trump busy trying to keep the 9:27 economy going defend the borders i get 9:29 exposing Obama ability sign to start 9:33 respecting the brush is down the road i 9:37 get proper has bigger fish to fry the 9:40 fact that his own chief strategist news 9:42 site is being censored but this is a big 9:44 deal for America and truck needs to 9:46 start addressing it any is his first is 9:48 crediting the MSM that says Trump's 9:53 crazy 9:54 we're not covering up Islamic attacks 9:56 were not playing them down the FBI two 9:58 years before knew that the to San 10:00 Bernardino shooters were going to Saudi 10:02 Arabia and other countries to train for 10:04 Cara tax and were threatened with civil 10:06 rights criminal indictment if they 10:08 didn't drop investigations of the mosque 10:10 that came out a week after the FBI leak 10:13 that they were told to say it was a 10:15 terrorist 10:16 even though they went to a christmas 10:17 party targeting Christians and Jews 10:20 because of their religion but that's 10:23 okay and on and on and on 10:27 they say it's not Islamic care when they 10:29 run over people are I mean this is crazy 10:31 and they go oh my gosh Infowars is 10:34 insane 10:34 it says we're covering up and Trump's 10:36 insane for saying it 10:38 no Trump just trolled you you are the 10:44 ones that are now talking about we don't 10:46 cover up this you cover up 10:48 black-on-white crime statistics 10:50 reporters all of the country results you 10:52 cover up Islamic rach and murders in in 10:54 Europe more police unions are coming out 10:57 sinks in sweden and germany in order to 10:59 cover it up and you've got the nerve to 11:02 shake your finger at us and say we're 11:05 covering all kinda like we said the 11:07 polls were faking from was going to win 11:08 and like that kind of like I said that 11:12 George Soros was directed the Democrats 11:14 to send out people too rough looks up at 11:17 trump event environment Trump and 11:19 exactly what I said came out because i 11:21 have major sources in the Secret Service 11:23 and in the Chicago beauty 11:26 I mean I don't tell you too much here 11:30 but 11:33 let's just say we've got all the Intel 11:36 and we know exactly who's doing what my 11:39 problem is I'm so busy I can't even go 11:42 through all this stuff 11:52 look I'm not going to sit here and say 11:57 see I told yourself that communist 11:59 chinese style net censorship is coming 12:01 web it's hard to hear it's been 12:03 announced the way you keep the internet 12:05 open and free if you get involved more 12:07 than ever 12:08 /a new battleship in the 12:11 fight 12:12 Infowars live available right now we're 12:14 looking for recruiting sit down and play 12:17 games be a trendy to be part of history 12:20 don't sit by and let the internet and 12:22 free speech be stolen from you

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