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 Transcript : an earthquake in the uterine contraction 0:13 of the area that something is coming to 0:16 earthquake measured 5.31 director 0:18 Scanlon neutron chill and 548 magnitude 0:21 as for the national team illogical 0:22 bureau in the boot of us are they are 0:24 ideal for silicon and that's why the 0:26 national capital has also felt the 0:28 tremors out we are able to understand 0:30 that for about 15 seconds the tremors 0:33 lasted across the national capital and 0:35 when Casey well as also tweeted saying 0:37 earthquake in delhi-ncr I pray for 0:39 everyone's safety not because they're so 0:41 purely somewhere in north conduit 0:43 structure that the reports coming in is 0:46 the epicenter of device with that is 0:48 measuring 5.3 influential and 5.8 little 0:51 star on the richter scale in good repair 0:54 of copper rocket flash flooding is 0:56 causing chaos in the north tonight and 0:58 there's more trouble on the way really 1:00 big density child ensuring residents are 1:02 being charged too bright for damaging 1:04 winds and water ritual rains have any 1:06 worries to expect wind gusts about 2 100 1:09 km/h and more of that heavy right now 1:13 it's all expected to hit the Kimberley 1:14 caused and the hilbert tomorrow where 1:16 communities are already battling to cope 1:19 with flooding destructive winds and a 1:23 relentless downpour fill the roles have 1:26 turned into dangerously fast flowing 1:28 river 1:31 the birth of a great many floodway 1:34 tomorrow for dreams and heavy right 1:39 more than 100 millimeters are expected / 1:42 humanly cost and the troubles even 1:46 expected to turn into a cyclone is 1:49 tracked over as into this area and then 1:52 nose down parallel to the coast will 1:56 continue to track this direction strong 1:58 currents have cut off the most community 2:00 motorists stranded authorities 2:05 frustrated the warnings of Enoch nor 2:07 slumbers or now far north receiving 2:12 close to 60 mils of rain today alone 2:14 while el questro has had its wettest 2:17 month on record and it looks like 2:20 there's more to come as well because 2:21 there's potentially even another one 2:23 moving into the area next week 2:25 meanwhile of helpful storm has keep 2:28 Sydney a month's worth of rainfall 2:31 flooded streets in just three hours 2:35 top of the city have been brought to a 2:38 standstill damaging cars and homes 2:43 [Music] 2:45 fuck you learned on a day when a huge 2:48 weather system is moving through the 2:49 south and all the way up to the east 2:51 coast there are reports of at least one 2:54 tornado touching down in the East New 2:57 Orleans area there are reports of 3:00 casualties as well and in fact there are 3:02 photos of twin twisters do something the 3:06 way these hospitals that appears to be a 3:08 tornado 3:09 I like oh my god that doesn't appear 3:12 that is 180 3:13 there it is this is tornado that move 3:16 over the woman's East exactly i do you 3:20 expect the seasons in the central plains 3:22 you don't expect the census moving 3:24 through our city so there's various the 3:27 tornado that is moving to the east 3:31 northeast if in the world 3:33 he's damaged recorded a tree shoes are 3:36 we have a case of injuries today and 3:40 it's crazy looking of lightning 3:42 associated with this possible to it's a 3:45 recessed tornado this is the Madison 3:47 tell you can see our first the funnel 3:50 and then you can see the job of my god 3:52 season she had damage to bring flying in 3:56 the air arms and that's why we're on the 3:59 air we want to keep free space on 4:01 closely 4:02 you know I GD obviously i was calling 4:06 and you know we take the people's happen 4:10 we should take the seasons happens to 4:12 hit my help you get that one there don't 4:14 like that one over there and i would 4:16 like to have got matter all over there 4:18 I want and I gotta let damage my tip 4:22 money got in the eye and a heart can see 4:25 the whole milk because you don't want 4:27 the old city 4:28 yeah home he will back just another of 4:36 witness to just have seen a lot today 4:38 and has seen it as he put it to come 4:42 through and bird that way regardless of 4:46 the month and rethought just happy 4:50 amount of manicured red with a brief and 4:53 you can see that some houses one really 4:55 had two very minimal panic but also 4:58 happen completely ripped the large 5:03 Kieran Read with his heart has been 5:05 tossed aside we do i do have a gentleman 5:08 over here who was actually trying to 5:10 tape up his vehicle 5:15 I'm waiting to hear from my producers 5:18 right now with we need to get back to 5:19 safety but it is starting to rain again 5:21 you came home to see your your house 5:23 what it was speaking of the damage for 5:24 you 5:25 Oh mom's pretty much impact for the most 5:28 part yes and I've been reading this 5:30 neighborhood you see some of your 5:31 neighbors houses what do you think of 5:32 the salmon was devastated and Katrina 5:36 was bad is the worse you know I'm never 5:39 seen nothing like this not something you 5:42 would expect in New Orleans no no not by 5:45 us why you picked up the windows of your 5:47 car you worried for more damage to come 5:49 all mostly rain the cars pretty much 5:51 intact 5:52 that's my cards total you can think it's 5:55 called here daily it's the windows were 5:57 blown out he said it's totaled no it was 5:59 little spark right here heading to win 6:01 the tornado blew it out of the street 6:03 and just totally and that's the kind of 6:06 the case for a lot of these cars in his 6:07 neighborhood you can see the windows of 6:09 the this van as well have been blown out 6:11 windows of homes of the load-out 6:13 neighbors that talked to said they heard 6:15 that that freight train sound that we 6:17 that we know and then I heard me my dog 6:20 with that and I heard like a freight 6:22 train and I heard of winter break 6:25 I've dived into we're just getting in 6:27 this video of some of the damage there 6:28 in ordinary you can see power lines have 6:31 been snapped some photos on Twitter 6:33 posting pictures of what appears to be 6:36 more than one funnel cloud section down 6:39 thank god there's also a NASA production 6:42 facility the michelle facility in New 6:44 Orleans which has been hit we've seen 6:47 pictures of its giant of vertical 6:49 Assembly Building the place where they 6:51 used to build the Giants the external 6:53 fuel tanks for the space shuttle and all 6:56 of the exterior cladding on that 6:58 building the basically ornamental 7:01 cladding you might say has been stripped 7:03 away 7:03 there it is that tall building in the 7:06 center of the screen there is supposed 7:07 to be white but all of the cladding has 7:11 been pulled away to the building 7:12 obviously still standing and method does 7:15 a great job of making sure that it's 7:17 building understand the element but that 7:20 is what has hit the NASA miss showed 7:22 plant and there if you look on the far 7:25 distance the horizon there you see to 7:28 funnel clouds touching down this in the 7:31 New Orleans area very very severe 7:34 weather there they stretches skyline 7:36 Boulevard is buried under mud debris and 7:39 dozens of trees after a major landslide 7:42 sunday night crews tell us it got worse 7:44 over night and was still fighting today 7:47 there's so much to clean up the road 7:49 will be closed for days between 7:51 fairhaven and serve you 7:53 I heard some more like a cracking and 7:55 then I heard cars honking cars waving 7:57 people bax's want to check it out yeah I 8:01 close to those eyes after that you know 8:02 after that I walked around a little bit 8:04 but it's usually the man who lives here 8:07 is lucky the debris narrowly missed his 8:09 house he didn't want to talk on camera 8:11 but told us a woman was driving on 8:14 skyline around nine sunday night just 8:16 beyond his driveway when mud and trees 8:19 split out in front of her she couldn't 8:21 get out because of the branches that 8:23 came down and he had to cut them back to 8:25 free her 8:26 luckily she's okay 8:28 here's well flew over a second major 8:31 slide that happened in Sunday's rain 8:32 watch as rocks and debris continue to 8:35 fall today along highway 224 near 8:38 Damascus closing the highway 4 hours 8:40 that have lived above the slide and he 8:43 saw that video to have some fun 8:46 yes exciting stuff i guess now we'll be 8:49 keeping a close eye on the hillside 8:51 hoping more of it doesn't give way i'll 8:53 take a walk today and find out where is 8:56 that exactly 8:57 yeah keep an eye on it for sure 9:00 president Trump made an unannounced 9:02 visit to Dover Air Force Base to honor 9:04 of fallen service member mr. Trump flew 9:06 aboard marine one to delaware for the 9:08 return of Navy field William ryan owens 9:11 who was killed on Sunday during a raid 9:13 against al-qaeda in Yemen David Martin 9:16 is at the Pentagon where military 9:17 officials now say civilians were also 9:20 likely killed David good morning good 9:23 morning the nighttime raid had been 9:24 planning for months during the Obama 9:26 administration but did not get the final 9:29 go-ahead until after President Trump met 9:32 with his new secretary of defense change 9:34 matters and his top military advisors 9:36 the chairman of the joint chiefs of 9:38 staff buried by marine one President 9:42 Donald Trump return to the White House 9:44 last night with his daughter Ivanka 9:46 after paying his respects to the first 9:48 American killed in combat on his watch 9:51 very sad very beautiful Ryan a great man 9:55 thirty-eight-year-old chief petty 9:57 officer William ryan owens a decorated 10:00 member of SEAL Team six died on a raid 10:03 against an al-qaeda hideout in a remote 10:05 area of central Yemen US forces targeted 10:08 a compound where they hope to capture 10:10 cellphones and laptops that would lead 10:12 them to other al Qaeda operatives in the 10:15 Arabian Peninsula but it turned into a 10:17 tougher than expected firefight when the 10:19 Pentagon says armed militants including 10:21 a number of women took defensive 10:23 positions and shot at the commandos 10:25 pinning them down the seals called in an 10:28 air strike on the house we were taking 10:30 fire from 14 al-qaeda operatives died 10:33 according to the defense department 10:35 which concluded regrettably that 10:37 civilian non-combatants were likely 10:39 killed and the Dead may include children 10:42 us central command called this case 10:45 especially tragic what he did for this 10:48 nation and what we got out of that 10:50 mission i think i truly believe and I 10:52 know the President believes is going to 10:54 save American eyes 10:57 good morning Randy talking to a military 10:59 crowd last night the president saying 11:01 that the global terror threat is growing 11:03 and he accused the media of covering it 11:06 up 11:07 you've seen what happened in Paris and 11:10 nice all over Europe it's happening it's 11:15 gotten to a point where it's not even 11:17 being reported and in many cases the 11:20 very very dishonest press doesn't want 11:22 to report it when pressed the White 11:26 House provided a list of nearly 80 11:28 terror attacks that it says were quote 11:30 under recorded on that list the jun 2015 11:33 shooting of Osama rahim in roslindale 11:36 which NewsCenter 5 and 5 investigates 11:39 covered extensively when it happened 11:41 rahim shot and killed after threatening 11:43 police with a night this was in the 11:45 parking lot of the CDF investigators 11:48 were wrought watching writing in saying 11:49 he was planning a large-scale attack 11:51 unbelief the protest came after 11:54 allegations that a police officer used a 11:57 baton to sodomize a young man last week 12:00 one officer has been charged with 12:03 aggravated rape and three others and 12:05 aggravated assault a march in support of 12:08 the next victim again peacefully but 12:11 turned violent with this gang setting a 12:13 police car with offices inside on fire 12:17 he said no one was injured and visit and 12:22 Charlotte has received regains more 12:25 territory from weekend trouble six years 12:28 into the Syrian board 12:30 opposition activists and residents say 12:32 Mass detentions and disappearances are 12:35 improving 12:36 critics say it's a long-running pattern 12:39 of abuse ruthlessly suppressing any 12:42 hints of dissent in areas that were out 12:45 of its control four years in a new 12:50 report released on tuesday and mr. 12:53 International says the regime hand as 12:56 many as 30,000 prisoners in 2011 in one 13:01 prison alone at least once a week 13:05 authorities carried out midnight 13:08 executions inside my our prison near 13:11 Damascus the report says that they all 13:14 about the fashionable 119 other than 13:18 almost had an emotional shared vision 13:21 and then head over this machine next to 13:25 achieve malaysia overthrow his vision is 13:28 that there will be sheriff investigate 13:30 I should have developed a very dynamic 13:32 incisions in that Bush over there are 13:35 among our dilemma 13:37 the report was based on dozens of 13:39 interviews with former detainees prison 13:42 guards judges and lawyers there is a 13:47 systematic process whereby once or twice 13:50 per week during the course of five years 13:54 between 2011 and 2015 22 15 prisoners 14:00 are called upon taken from their selves 14:04 told that they are going to be 14:06 transferred to another civilian 14:08 detention center but instead of staff 14:11 they are transported to another building 14:13 on the grounds of the nine prison 14:15 cuddles into an underground room and 14:18 then they are hands and there are only 14:20 tools that they will be that they are 14:23 sentenced to death a few minutes before 14:25 the news is actually tied around their 14:27 neck last year and misty estimated that 14:30 an additional 17,000 people had died 14:33 invasion prisons across syria since the 14:36 start of the uprising the Syrian 14:39 government has long denied allegations 14:41 of the 14:42 appearance of thousands of people and 14:45 did not immediately comment on the 14:47 unworthy report that we can suppress we 14:50 think initially established from Russia 14:51 defense & Security Committee added a 14:54 Moscow was not for this will upon syria 14:57 regarding this matter and in a meeting 15:00 on Monday with the idea kalahasti 15:02 Speaker of the People's Council of Syria 15:05 a Russian delegation reaffirmed its 15:07 support for serious territorial 15:08 integrity and confirmed Russia's 15:11 commitment in the continued fight 15:13 against terrorism and it will say to 15:15 moto deliver humanitarian aid to the 15:18 Syrian people who believe that serious 15:24 Constitution should be up to the Syrian 15:26 people at the moment 2012 version is 15:28 still enforced should Syria need help on 15:31 this matter will offer but we will not 15:33 force our will upon the Syrian people 15:35 I thought you learned in a big story 15:38 here new satellite images obtained 15:41 exclusively by Fox News show Iran has 15:44 been preparing a new missile for lunch 15:46 now that missile has been removed from 15:49 the launchpad raising new questions 15:51 about Iran's intent and also the timing 15:54 here national security correspondent 15:55 Drew Griffin is live at this exclusive 15:57 reporting at the Pentagon Jennifer hi 15:59 Jenna well there's been a flurry of 16:01 activity on an Iranian launch pad that 16:03 US officials have been watching closely 16:05 since around launched a ballistic 16:08 missile from there over a week ago that 16:10 missile test took place on january 16:11 twenty night prompting an emergency 16:14 meeting of the UN Security Council and a 16:16 day later the white house issued a 16:17 strongly-worded statement putting Iran 16:20 on notice days later US officials washed 16:23 as Iran quickly cleaned up the site and 16:25 prepared another missile on the same 16:27 launchpad at a site located 140 miles 16:31 east of Quran now in a surprising 16:33 about-face we're learning this morning 16:35 that knew that new missile has been 16:37 removed from the launchpad 16:39 it's not clear why this new satellite 16:41 imagery from februari third obtained 16:43 exclusively by fox news from imagesat 16:46 international and verified by US 16:48 officials so Iran placed a Kaffir 16:51 missile used to put a satellite into 16:53 space 16:53 the Pentagon is concerned because this 16:55 missile uses the same components as 16:58 those needed for an intercontinental 17:00 ballistic missile today Iran's supreme 17:02 leader issued a new warning to the White 17:04 House suggesting a response to president 17:07 Trump this friday februari tense the 17:09 anniversary of Iran's revolution it's 17:12 not clear why Jenna Iran move that 17:14 missile from the launchpad it could be a 17:16 technical problem or perhaps Iran is 17:18 reacting to the new sanctions put on 17:20 them by Washington Jenna fascinating 17:22 report more on this in a moment Jennifer 17:24 thank you

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