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URGENT! New Report EXPOSES 6 Top Republicans on Soros Payroll, Paid to Stop Trump...

Transcript : prevention by global elites you report 0:17 exposes six top Republicans are on 0:20 George shores of payroll and guess who's 0:23 being paid to stop Trump we always knew 0:27 that they were rhinos in Washington but 0:30 revealed some of those 0:33 rhinos are actually traders to united 0:36 states of america traders treasonous 0:39 investment watch says quote the 0:43 nonprofit nonpartisan research group in 0:46 Washington be heat attract the effects 0:49 of money and lobbying elections and 0:51 public policy revealed that while George 0:54 Soros is responsible for funding 0:56 Democrats and progressives positive he 0:59 has also bankrolled Senator John McCain 1:02 and a small but select group of other 1:05 Republicans surprisingly all the names 1:09 revealed to receive funding from jersey 1:11 shore have a track record of opposed 1:14 position to President Donald truck and 1:17 these are the recent recipients of the 1:20 sort of fun management they are what one 1:23 senator john mccain Republican from 1:26 Arizona to Alice Speaker Paul Ryan 1:30 Republicans from Wisconsin three senator 1:35 marco rubio republican from florida for 1:38 coverage on message we probably control 1:42 hi 05 Senator Lindsey Graham Republicans 1:46 and South Carolina six representative 1:50 policy fellow republican from florida a 1:54 list of all recipients from sounds in 1:56 the link that only below for you on this 1:58 Liberty writers news article john mccain 2:02 has been especially critical of 2:04 President drunk even blasted him for his 2:07 turn phone call with the australian 2:09 Prime Minister 2:11 became grab also attack President Trump 2:14 for implementing the immigration band 2:16 because Trump was actually acting on a 2:20 band a list that was also used by 2:24 President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama 2:27 quote we hear this executive order will 2:31 become a self-inflicted rules in the 2:33 fight against terrorism and closes what 2:37 McCain and Graham joining said in a 2:40 statement adding the effective order 2:43 quote we do more harm to help make it 2:46 more to help Paris equipment and improve 2:49 our security and coat so it looks like 2:52 every move that truck makes the same 2:56 people leave your sorrel puppets are 3:01 quick to legitimize the president now it 3:04 makes sense because their paint puppets 3:07 by george soros just like Hillary with 3:11 his face of it so are these people have 3:14 paid puppets Senator John McCain House 3:18 Speaker Paul Ryan Senator Marco Rubio 3:20 the Red John message center Lindsey 3:23 Graham Republican Carlos cabella and 3:28 also their list you can go through on 3:31 availability for that as well is from 3:33 among several candidates 3:37 not live 280 3504 so you have here let's 3:46 filter yourself Henry Clinton he's 3:50 running for the office of President need 3:52 top loi russ feingold Jason Kander 3:57 percentage 3:59 Michael Bennifer senator tammy duckworth 4:02 for house you know all these people 4:04 obviously are for the algebra president 4:06 and fit it to the mark running for 4:09 president charges 4:11 Jeb Bush they were all given fun by 4:14 tourists foundations alright i'll leave 4:20 you feeling for this and hopefully now 4:23 that this is out these Republican 4:26 politicians will have a strike of 4:29 consciousness their conscience will 4:32 bother to the point that they will come 4:33 to their senses and support their 4:35 republican president at least locally 4:38 for this on Liberty writers news

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