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WW3 Red Alert -- Obama Amassing Troops on Russian Border

Putin is smart enough to know that Obama is throwing a tantrum on his way out. I think he'll go more into self-defense mode than into fighting mode until Trump takes over.
Putin should have the Female Russian Troops just walk over and shake the American Soldiers hands then invite them to a Beer on the Boarder. Beer Summit Part Deux!

The Time for a coup is right now. Obama has taken off the mask, and is now an animal with rabies. He must be put down. John McCain ,Mitch McConnel, and Lyndsey Graham are Traitors folks! Warmongers. Time for Mr. Trump to take office is today. End this escalation, provocation of war!!!! American people do not want war!!!!!! Let's vote on it. Speak up Congress!!!!!
A special Prosecutor Investigation should be launched into just what John MaCain and Lindsay Graham knew of the CIA Intelligence, and when they knew it! And if there is no hard Evidence.. Ruin them Publicly!

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