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Judge Napolitano -- MARTIAL LAW and NEW WORLD ORDER in 2017 !

"Establishment" or however you want to call them, will do everything imaginable to keep the status quo. Some of them for sure prefering to destroy the world and themselves rather then to abdicate what they are convinced they are entitled to (because of whatsoever insane reason). They aren't average criminals, they are addicts. Not few of them over generations, being proud about that and having no idea, how sick they are. We have to be aware about what lies in front of us and everybody to do his best to protect himself and as many others as possible. Might well be our last chance for centuries.

They're going to steal from every Americans bank accounts, blame it on a cyber attack false flag, then shut the power off. Before anyone knows what's going on China and Russia and a handful of Latin nations like Cuba and Venezuela invade. Red dawn event on horizon. All they're military exercises are preparing for it. Civil unrest, when they tank the dollar, food shortages and a social engineered race-war. Wake up Americans and stand united against a tyrannical regime of Muslim sympathizers. Russia is in the right to oppose NWO cashless digital credit system of Corporation control. China will come collect when we default and lights go out. God bless America and pass the ammunition.

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