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Why Elites Hate Trump

Here's some of the primary reasons why the elites hate Trump. Kit Daniels reporting.

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  1. trump is the elites, trump towers is an elites domain, however i do understand you lot are totally lost but not just you lot, many many more worldwide trump is just a trick programed by the owners your owners it shows they are quite clever and now they have imposed a 1984 stealth system wikileaks and alex jones are no different than winston smith of orwells nightmare, how they managed all this is not complicated for an intelligent mind, but hillary was there just to fill in the show she did not wanted the white house they had chosen trump long ago, because he is a puppy a naive fellow so easy to manipulate an intelligent person will never get to be president if he does they kill him like kenedy only puppet president are allowed. i am aware you will never understand but perhaps one of you will.