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Alex Jones Live From Washington DC

People need to boycott all the musicians and people that refused to perform for America they are traitors to our country in my opinion Donald Trump is our president of United States of America whether they like it or not I think they should be removed from our country Bruce Springsteen among others people should not buy any of their music or go to their concerts everybody that refuse to play for the United States of America I already threw away their music that I had and I suggest others follow my lead you can live without listening to these traders because when they refused to play for our country they refuse to play for you.

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  1. what the world should do is help trump build the wall around mexico and around canada, keep all americans from travelling anywhere, dont buy american products and isolate america that is the best way to make america great again any american that travels should be insulted and spit at so he returns home to make america great again, trump is rigth isolation of americans is the way to progress, and insult americans in busses treat them like crap when they are outside america so they return and stay home. trump is great he knows how to make america great again all soldiers should go home to make america great again. don't need of dollar any longer. so dump it.!!!!!!!!!!

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