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Who is really George Soros -- 10 Things You Didn't Know About George Soros

It would be a fascinating story how this Soros demon manages to stay in the game instigating violent "Color Revolutions" and "Terrorism" in his accomplishment of a NWO agenda. This guy is guilty of massive heinous war crimes and is now instigating the "Purple Revolution" in the streets of America. Seems the "White Hats" would be on his tail by now. He needs to be locked up before he ends up destroying any semblance of a civilized world.

Another important hitman for the Rothschild's and the " New World Order" is George Soros. A rich Hungarian Ashkenazi Jew. It Is important to note that George Soros Is not an orthodox or world Jew devoted to the principles of justice and fairness inherent in the Talmudic traditions of historical Judaism; However, he claims to be a practicing Jew with a god complex. History records that George betrayed his brothers and sisters in Hungary to the Nazis towards the end of the second world war. He has brought death and destruction to many people especially his own species. He has always been about the devils work. Now on behalf of the ''New World Order'' His purple Revolution is about been instrumental in setting ablaze the cities and towns of the North America continent. Having failed to ignite and fan the flames of discontent in the hearts and minds of the ancient Russian people he feeds his own personal brand of cancerous diseases to the troubling breezes that blow the Mass Biblical exodus from Syria, across the Middle East into Europe..

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