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BNL Morally Responsible for the Chicago Racist Attack -- Mike Rivero

Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi and others are quiet. Black America is quiet, and even in the media, CNN is denying this is a hate crime. Much of the mainstream media is downplaying this case. If you're white, you should stop watching CNN, stop voting Democratic, boycott black businesses, and get a gun.

The term 'hate crime' isn't needed. Somehow the justice system has decided that you can beat and torture someone and it's not a hate crime as long as you don't invoke race or sexual preference or country of origin. It's interesting that if someone robbed someone, tied them up, pistol whipped them and tortured them more then that's not a hate crime as long as no racial epitaphs are heard. As for these d-bags that tortured this special needs man (who needed help, not abuse), hang 'em, burn 'em and dump their ashes in the sewer.

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