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We're ALL Debt SLAVES - Here's Why

What is commonly known as the "U.S. dollar," represents a debt that is owed by the U.S. federal government, to the federal reserve bank. The federal reserve bank happens to be the privately owned entity that lent the money that's represented by the paper in your wallet. The federal reserve act signed away everything you own, and the fruit of your labor as collateral on this debt, and as foreign investors are becoming increasingly unwilling to invest the $2 billion per day needed to cover the interest, our creditors will want to collect it. About 90 percent of all Americans are mortgaged to the hilt, and would have little or no assets left if all debts and liabilities were to be paid.* Most Americans have taken advantage of low interest rates, and are now paying a mortgage on their homes. The booming real estate market has made every purchase profitable, because the price of a home always rises. The problem is that the price of a home today is incredibly over-inflated, and the real estate boom that's been keeping the American economy afloat, is about to bust. Interest rates are going to rise, and the price of your home is going to drop drastically, which will leave you stuck paying for a house that probably wouldn't pay the interest on your debt if you sold it. If you're lucky enough to remain employed, inflation will shred your paycheck until you can no longer make mortgage payments. This is when you need to remember that when a nation's economy collapses, the wealth of the nation doesn't disappear, it only changes hands.

The whole system is fraudulent. The concept of property tax and income tax is the biggest lie they've used to brainwash all human beings. Why should you have to pay dollars/currency to exist? Pay for what you own? Why do human beings think it's ok for anybody to take ANYTHING from you in any form, let alone taxes?! People need to wake up. This goes back to the civil war after they collateralized the land to create slaves out of everyone - NOT to free slaves. Taxes and debt is how the establishment has tricked and manipulated consent of human beings and governments to follow their rules. The answer is accountability at the individual and local levels. Anarchy is not chaos - it calls for self-governance which human beings are very capable of as we do it everyday. Another huge facade is that the 'safety and order' in the world is provided by the government. It's been clear that the only thing the government/law enforcement provides is more violence and control. Now is the time for all beings to wake up and stand your ground. The establishment wants our time and space (income tax and property tax). It doesn't belong to them.

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