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Fort Lauderdale airport shooter accuses the Military of wanting him to join ISIS

Another deadly shooting in the United States, this time by none other than a war veteran killing five and wounding several others. The motive behind the attack remains unknown but authorities say they are examining all possibilities, including terrorism. However, the claim that the suspected assailant was receiving psychological treatment has re-ignited a debate on disorders plaguing American military personnel returning from overseas conflicts.

How many suicides, murders and other horrible incidents have to happen for the military to actually take care of their own? It's sickening and I've seen how broken this system is first hand; in my personal and professional life. My ex fiancée (& still a close friend) had & continues to have a hard time getting the services he needs. Back in 2005 (after complaining of other symptoms for 10yr) he shared his suicide feelings and nothing happened but many misdiagnosis, wrong medications; which in turn, made him more suicidal. He finally was sent to a VA psych hospital, though the struggle still continues. In my line of work as a social worker I'm an Intensive In-Home clinician and work with children who have behavior and mental health struggles. Many of my families have been military (Ft. Bragg, NC) & luckily the agency had funds to help families because tricare didn't cover the much needed & beneficial services. Being around the families I became all to aware of the horrible mental health system for our service members and their families. What was even more disheartening was how consistent the military was in not wanting to give various different diagnosis (Dx) to members and their family, thus the families inability to get the services their family desperately needed. Even within some of the schools didn't want to accept certain Dx, thus the child qualifying for services to allow child to be successful in school. I could keep going, but it angers me a lot. These service members and their families need to be taken care of. regardless of what the problems are, that's the LEAST that could be done for their sacrifices
The military does not care a whit for the men they send to die. If they did, they would do things differently. Soldiers are fodder and nothing more, and their families are treated as irrelevant irritations. The best thing to be done is for the wives to leave so that they and their children will not succumb to madness or death at the hands of their husbands. There is no reason for more than the 'soldier'(aka fodder) to be sacrificed for the financial gain of those who sent them to their deaths/madness/disabilities. It's time we stopped these incessant wars all over the planet that produce nothing but death and destruction for the ones we war against and ourselves. Enough is enough.

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