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The Enrichment of Europe: A BEST OF (TOP 10) 2016

Islamic truck of tolerance
"...Merkeled by an Islamic truck of tolerance!"
Muslims enrich nothing. They and their death cult are destroying everywhere it spreads to. Like AIDS there is no cure
Problem is , Germany runs the project called EU . In fact , it is Fourth Reich being built by means somewhat less violent than Wehrmacht . There is significant pressure applied to force other members of EU to accept insane gender-multi-culti-monetary policies whether they like it or not . In particular V-4 group is badmouthed as fascists , homophobes , racists , xenophobes and so on unfit for modern Western values.They are threatened with political and fiscal sanctions to conform , EU leftist loonies currently are trying to topple governing party in Poland. In my opinion, they should leave EU . Western Europe is heading for a bloody conflicts with islamists brought by Merkel and in 30 years Muslim emirates will be established there .

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