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Anonymous A Message You All Need To Hear

The glass is not half full nor half empty... it is always refillable. Never give up!
Namaste Anonymous...the most moving thing we can do for other humans is to say, "I Love You" to everyone who touches or moves your heart. Replace Thank You with I Love You...its a dimensional shifter.

The ocean in dying it is being filled with radiation from Japan it is filling the ocean it will soon hit the North Atlantic Ocean and flow around the world so we are losing our fish Slowly while they don't tell anyone about how bad it is do you want to eat radiation we can not survive with out our oceans there is just not enough food for us all to survive . If we can't fish it will also kill off the horseshoe crab that we use in all our medicines around the world and this is only from Japan what happens if more nuclear plants have meltdowns in the future. And there is nothing any one can do to fix it

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  1. anonymous is CIA anglo-zionist enslavement schème. forget this joker's you are alone on a real 1984 realm info-trump alias info-wars is no different than winston smith that now has joined the establishment party, but what can anyone do in animal farm but talk to the pigs and let the other animals die. so let them kill each others and pick up the pieces after the war.