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RED ALERT -- Obama signs Executive Order for possible MARTIAL LAW in January 2017

Barack Obama has drawn a line in the sand, Americans are the enemy, what should we do, run and hide, drink beer, watch more TV, commit suicide, fight back, hang our heads or join them, it's a stark moment in our history, the NWO is marching against us.

Common sense Solutions 1. We need to gather our facts and evidence against the treasonous tyrannical evil that runs this country. Alex Jones and the InfoWars Team of Patriots have this pretty well covered. 2. Peacefully Demand the supreme Courts hold hearings that ALL elected officials be present for. "We The People" ARE this country! They work for us! 3. Hold trials and convict the elitist criminals. We can vote on severity of punishment upon conviction. No protests, no violence, no hate, just a simple vote to reflect the atrocities committed to humanity and the people of the United States of America. Remember, the world thinks our government represents our interests. Which is clearly not the case. We're being made to look like fools and are becoming scapegoats for war crimes while funding them unwillingly and unknowingly. The Majority Rules. No more war! No more killing. 4. Eliminate ALL executive orders, Following ONLY The Constitution and Bill of Rights. Where by doing so, we relieve incompetent and violent elected officials from federal, state and local "public service". There will be a "vaccum" created due to the enormity of incompetence and EVIL being purged from service. FAITH In God and Common Sense along with mature, non aggressive open dialogues will restore order fairly quickly. All things considered... After all, technology has brought us together and it will be paramount in educating the voters and jurors to have the evidence and the voice required for this Technological Revolution aka if it's broke, fix it. We can and Will make this nation great again. It is our duty to save this country and join together with the rest of the world to purge evil and live as a planet of humans. Let NOTHING divide us from divinity! Technology will also assist in the overcomming of many issues that may arise in having that utopian dream as a mission. Live and let Live... No harm may come to another. Critics welcome. Just a concerned citizen that connected too many of the dots... The death all around me IS pain. I feel it in my bones. My heart and Soul cannot accept that things are OK this way. I damn well know better than to think that any of the Presidential candidates can nor will change anything. Either they're on the payroll for Evil or too scared of the NWO to do their jobs. God is with us! We need to keep an open mind to Gods methods and tactics. We are not alone! We are stronger because of what's happened and is happening. Life. Liberty. The Pursuit of Happiness. In God We Trust! May God Bless these good people and deliver us from evil. Amen.

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