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Mexico slipping into chaos -- Mass Looting After 20% Gasoline Price Hike

Just look at Venuzuela, it wasn't an EMP, it was a gradual economic crash but now their utilities are going off. "Lights out" may simply be the result of an economic collapse in America.

The biggest threat will be many of our fellow "Americans" that are used to us caring for them. They will expect the same, even during the times we must focus all our attention on our own families. They will actually become enraged because they have been raised with the mentality of entitlement. Unfortunately, when we finally get to the point, where we can only take care of ourselves, they will become the enemy.We really really need to get away from this disaster scenario stuff....Yes there's going to be changes like we have never seen before, but we are going to survive...Nothing catastrophic will be aloud to happen......Its time to start thinking positive.....The changes will be painful for many but in the end how we react to these events will determine what we experience...Its that simple...

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