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Security Expert John McAfee: Russia DID NOT Hack The DNC

mc afee, smart and reasonable guy, lots of common sense, maybe trump can appoint him for head of "no-such-agensy"
My hunch is that somebody has interferred with some rigging that was supposed to happen on Nov 8. Some people are very angry to have paid for a team that did not deliver on their sure win promise. They're all freaked out because their long term plans are just about dead. Nobody knows who did the hacking, though, so Obama is blaming the Russians. It could be Anonymous, for all we know, in that case, go figure who it'd be. Just a hunch. The TV polls were inflated, though.

The American propaganda machine is in full gear with the flimsy accusation that Russia is responsible for the DNC hack. Instead of just accepting the narrative of blatant warmongers, why not walk through the evidence with John McAfee - cybersecurity expert.

Its a bit like north korea hacking sony. come on people use your own brains. If they tell you it was them, you can be sure it's not! The MSM tells nine lies for every truth! And all they have to say is trust us we know. No evidence at all released, 9/11 anyone feels abit the same.

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