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CNN is always front and center when the fake shootings and terror attacks are aired. It never fails, they or their affiliates are perfectly positioned and unfortunately with grainy footage to globally air the shocking breaking news. Their experts are always ready to provide a complete history and background of the veteran/mentally unstable/isis inspired/trump and gun supporting terrorist. During the latest in Ft.Lauderdale, not a word about the closing vote on new gun legislation at airports and schools. Nada. Ziltch. Not important - fear/gun/veteran/crazy/isis - that's it. It's getting old fast. This cancer has to get rooted out now and why not start with CNN and CIA. Most of us who are even just slightly awake understand that there's been and is a war between the CIA and the Pentagon. When even Seymour Hersh writes about how the Pentagon grew tired of Obama's CIA/ISIS war in Syria it really has gone way too far. This treasonous rogue network within the US will implode the country unless stopped. Trump needs to finish the job JFK never got around to before they killed him.

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