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 Ted Turner owns CNN, and like all FAKE ,corporate news AP. outlets, the owners of these globalist propaganda machines , want the masses to take on the same ideologies , and belief systems that they the globalists believe in. See Trey Smith , Noah , it begins ,

There is a Civil War that is going to get very bloody in the near future. This Civil War is like the one in the Ukraine in which George Soros funded and John Podesta helped organize. The Shadow Government of the U.S. State Department with the rogue CIA helped see that the Weapons and Drugs got to the Ukrainian Neo Nazis to take down the Ukrainian Government. That is exactly what George Soros and John Podesta with Chuck Schumer intends to do this Spring. We are witnessing the very beginnings of the Civil War. These Communists are not going away peacefully. Thats why they wave Red Flags and wear them as Diapers. Because Communist Revolutions are blood baths in Civil War. The Civil War starts with the Oppositions Media Cartel and the Political Oppostion we see now in Washington. Then it jumps to violent Protests. Then it escalates into a full Civil War when the Military splinters into two sides that oppose each other. CNN and MSNBC and CBS and ABC are formenting this up coming Civil War after President Trump moves into the White House. They are the Opposition Media Cartel just like the one in the Ukraine before their Civil War. This is why that the moment President Trump moves in the White House, he needs to get down to business to crack down on the opposition to prevent this threat to National Security. He needs to go after George Soros and arrest him on charges of subversion. He needs to arrest some of the opposition in the Senate like Chuck Schumer for making a real threat and coordinating that threat into a Crime on Rachael Maddow show. Senator John McCain giving the Fake thirty-five page dossier to the FBI knowing it was a Fake report to sabotage the Office of the United State President. Then there is Linsey Graham. Then President Trump has to go after the John Podesta Media Cartel every one of them who had participated in the attempt to sabotage the Office of the U.S. Presidency. This is a crime. It has nothing to do with the First Amendment. The First Amendment does not give the right for a Cartel of News Organizations to attempt to Sabotage the Office of the U.S. Presidency it is illegal. Then the President needs to turn his attention on Facebook which also participated in the Conspiracy to Sabotage the Office of the Presidency. Then President Trump has to investigate Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the Conspiracy and other laws that they broke in Bengazi. If President Donald Trump does not do these important actions, then there will be a bloody Civil War which will be worse than the Civil War. President Trump needs to drain the Swamp now and forcefully now. Not two or five weeks after the inauguration.

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