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To increase the US nuclear arsenal is a bad answer to China that arms itself. The good answer is to boycott their products. To increase the nuclear arsenal is stupid because it is weapons which will never be used. They will never be of any use. What is it of use to have the military capacity to destroy the earth 50 times!? How will you convince Iran not to make the atom bomb if yourself you increase your arsenal? Stupid! And you will probably put the rockets in Europe? No thank you! Thus it is useless spending which will go to the pocket of certain shipping companies. It is even more stupid than to spend money to maintain useless state employees. We are always in the same stupid strategy which dates a century. If they arm themselves we arm ourselves in the same way. Except that the Russians very intelligently answered the recent American nuclear threat by modernizing their conventional weapons with the success which we know in Syria. The Russians are undoubtedly more intelligent than you. You are as a declining power which shows pointlessly teeth because she is afraid. It would be better for you to improve your conventional weapons to be able to intervene everywhere on request as a service.

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  1. trump is a videogame who runs america now is a ? to ask forget democracy now is hypocrisy, so welcome to the invisible NWO, that the old alternative believed had identified from now on is just fake news until you die.

  2. you are so anonymous that is time you find who you really are; so far anonymous is a sort of chicken that runs with his head cut off takes main media news and believes understand it creates rhetoric and believes it is the truth. wake up anonymous enter the real world if you want to work for info-tump is your own choice. but don't claim that false truth is real truth . you are a bunch of misinformed lot. anonymous find yourself first if you can


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