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China Bitcoin CRASHED 40% Caused by Bitcoin Derivatives and Computer Trades?

IF they are successful in creating Feynman's quantum computer, bitcoin is done. A quantum computer could mine vast amounts of bitcoin very rapidly, making the currency worthless.

No one can prove Bitcoin is not backdoored by the creators of its SHA-256 cryptography, the NSA. SHA-256 was designed by the NSA, and every piece of cryptography they released to the wild in the past has been found to have weaknesses.
Bitcoin is a fiat scam that doesn't even met the definition of a currency which has already peaked and crashed from a high of over 1000 to 200! That is over an 80% draw down. That is life destroying! People wake up this is worse than penny stock scams and pump and dumps. You are food to these people they don't care about you, and are using you for their benefit, that is the fatman never mentioned this huge cyclical crashes in shitcoin which is traded in a thin unregulated shadow market hooked up to skimpy servers that have already crashed and have been hacked.

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