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Do you really think that Putin was bidding on Trump? Trump promised to rebuild military and nuclear capability of United States. He have a strong stand against China, Russian ally. Just these steps will put Russia in uncomfortable situation. On contrary, Hillary have too many skeletons in her closets. Everything good and bad about her is well known and could be exploited. She would continue policies of Obama to dismantle US military. She will continue Obama's fiscal policies and crush US economy. For a certain amount of cash she would be easily accessible, as it happened in the past. Agents (of influence), namely Russians, would be happy to have their Manchurian Candidate in the White House. Putin just have that poker face and declared neutrality, but he would go for Hillary.

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  1. you are so anonymous that is time you find who you really are; so far anonymous is a sort of chicken that runs with his head cut off takes main media news and believes understand it creates rhetoric and believes it is the truth. wake up anonymous enter the real world if you want to work for info-tump is your own choice. but don't claim that false truth is real truth . you are a bunch of misinformed lot. anonymous find yourself first if you can

  2. to know the truth all you need is a performing brain a clear consciousness and intelligence, no need of anonymous info-trump or any of this crap , keep the sheep as sheep is perhaps anonymous job .


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